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Accreditation and Deemed Status

Ohio Administrative Code 5122-25-02 describes the services in which a provider agency may, but is not required to, obtain accreditation. Other than a provider of acute hospital (inpatient) services, which must obtain accreditation, a provider agency is not required to obtain accreditation prior to applying for certification for the services specified in the rule.

Accreditation does not replace certification. An accredited agency must apply for certification by OhioMHAS for each program or service in which it is seeking certification, and for each site at which it provides certified services.  Deemed status essentially means “evidence of compliance". When OhioMHAS grants deemed status to an agency, it is accepting the agency’s appropriate behavioral health accreditation as evidence of compliance with the OhioMHAS certification standards. OAC Rule 5122-26-13 “Incident Reporting and Risk Management” is not exempt from deemed status, i.e. a provider granted deemed status must continue to report incidents to OhioMHAS as specified by the rule.

For OhioMHAS to grant deemed status, a provider agency must obtain all available corresponding accreditation for the services in which the provider is seeking certification, by undergoing an on-site accrediting body survey that includes the review of clinical records. For a provider seeking certification for both mental health and addiction treatment services, this includes having the accrediting body review the provision of both mental health and addiction treatment services. 

Accrediting Bodies Recognized by OhioMHAS

Except for organizations seeking certification for sub-acute or acute hospital detox (see below), an agency may choose from one of the following accrediting organizations:

A provider seeking Certification for Acute Hospital Detoxification must and a provider seeking Certification for Sub-Acute Hospital Detoxification may obtain accreditation from: