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April 1, 2022   

LACTS Directions for Updating / Adding Mobile Response & Stabilization Service(MRSS) to a Community Behavioral Health Certificate 

When the provider logs into LACTS, choose “update application”, then choose “Add Services”, and click “Start Update”.    NOTE:  If a provider has an attested update or renewal application in review status that application will either need to be completely processed or withdrawn to add MRSS to the certificate.  A provider cannot have two active applications in review status at the same time.  

Once the application loads, navigate through the tabs to submit the required information. 

Provider Information tab:   

In the agency questions section, you will need to answer “yes” to the question “Does your agency provide services to children or adolescents?”  (This is question #1 for non-deemed applications and question #6 for deemed applications).  NOTE:  Answering “no” to this question at any time during the application submission will remove MRSS from the entire application. 

Services/Programs tab:    

BEFORE you will have the option to choose/click on “Mobile Response & Stabilization Service” (MRSS), you must provide and/or add the five required pre-requisite services (General Services, Peer Recovery Services, SUD case management, Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST), and Therapeutic behavioral services/Psychosocial Rehabilitation).  Once you choose MRSS, additional questions will be displayed regarding MRSS fidelity Reviews. 

Question 1: Do you have an initial or annual MRSS fidelity review documenting an overall score of 26? 

If the answer is yes, you are ready to save the changes & go to the next tab. 

If the answer is no, a 2nd question will need to be answered. 

Question 2: Are you a new MRSS provider and agree to have an initial fidelity review no more than 12 months from initial certification and within 3 years will obtain a score of 26? 

Once you answer this question, please save the changes & go to the next tab. 

Staff Credentials tab:  

Please add the required staff by adding the name, role, professional licensure, licensure #, and MRSS service for the following:   


Certified peer supporter OR a QBHS 

Psychiatrist or certified nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist (consultation purposes as needed)  

Supporting Documentation tab:  

Please upload the following documents:  

Policies and Procedures for MRSS (required for all) 

Fidelity Documentation 5122-29-14 (K) (only for providers who answered “yes” on Services/Program tab 

Attestation Page tab:  

Please run the “Check for Errors” function.  NOTE:  Staff Credentialing error message will display if any certified service requiring specifically assigned staff is not completed/missing not just for MRSS. 

The CEO will need to attest to the update application and the applicable fee will need to be paid.  NOTE: The MRSS service is a $100 application fee.  The total update application fee may be more if the provider does not have national accreditation and has to add any of the five required pre-requisite certified services for MRSS.

Once the application is attested, the assigned OhioMHAS lead surveyor will review the application.  When it is determined the application is “complete and compliant” an updated certificate will be issued with the interim  certification status for MRSS.   

NOTE:  If any of the five pre-requisite services are removed from the application at any time, MRSS will be removed at the same.  If one of the pre-requisite services is in interim status, MRSS will remain in interim status until the pre-requisite service is transitioned to full status.    

Special Notes:  

LACTS applications submitted to add MRSS (attested & fee paid) by Friday, April 15, 2022 at 11:59 pm will be assured processing to meet the July 1 launch with the Ohio Dept of Medicaid  

LACTS applications submitted after April 15, 2022 will be processed as timely as possible by the  Licensure & Certification office