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LACTS Directions for Updating / Adding IHBT to a Community Behavioral Health Certificate 

When the provider logs into LACTS, choose “update application”, then choose “Add Services”, and click “Start Update”.    

Once the application loads, navigate to the Services/Programs tab. 

Services/Programs tab:   In section one, choose/click on “Intensive Home-Based Treatment (IBHT) service to add the service.  This will open additional fields below to choose which IHBT service type will be offered.  You may choose more, but you must choose at least one IHBT service type.  Below is an example of the 3 service type options.  Once the IHBT service option has been chosen, you will need to click on “Save and Continue”.  This will take you to the next tab that needs to be completed.  

IHBT Image one

Behavioral Health Accreditation tab: Providers who are non-deemed and providers who are nationally accredited but are not deemed for IHBT will need to upload policies and procedures describing the IBHT team and its operations.  

Supporting Documentation Page:  There will required documents to upload to support the IHBT services.

Organizations who choose “IHBT – Individually Licensed Professional / Team based approach” will need to upload the IHBT individual provider model fidelity rating tool or the IHBT teamed-model fidelity rating.  

Organizations who choose “IHBT – with an approved OhioMHAS evidence-based practice” will need to upload their accreditation/license in the evidence based practice.  The license can be uploaded into the same section where the provider uploads the policies & procedures for IHBT.  

Attestation Page tab: The CEO will need to attest the update application and the applicable fee of $200 will need to be paid.  NOTE: The organization will only be charged a single $200 application fee regardless of the number of IBHT service types they are providing.  

The assigned OHioMHAS lead surveyor will review the application.  Once it is determined the application is “complete and compliant” an updated certificate will be issued with the appropriate certification status for each of the IHBT service types chosen (interim or full).  

The updated certificate will identify each of the approved IHBT service types individually.   See below for a certificate example.  

Special Notes:  

If a provider submitted an update app to add IBHT prior to March 9, 2022, it is recommended the provider withdraw the application & re-submit a new update application to ensure all the IBHT application questions are provided with the revised rules effective March 1, 2022.    

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has indicated any community behavioral health provider currently providing Functional Family Therapy (FFT) who wishes to continue to receive Medicaid reimbursement for FFT will need to have IBHT-Functional Family Therapy added to their community behavioral health certificate.  

Providers who are adding IHBT for the 1st time and are non-deemed for IBHT will be issued an interim 180-day certificate.  The OhioMHAS Licensure and Certification division will need to complete an onsite survey before the provider can be considered for full status for IHBT services.