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Personal Care and Assistance with Self Administration of Medication

Personal Care and Assistance with Self Administration of Medication

The Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association is excited to announce that we will be offering two online opportunities for Residential Facility operators and staff to attend the Personal Care Services and Assistance with Self Administration of Medication training. These trainings will be in a live webinar and will be presented by Dr. Wendy Umberger.

Dr. Umberger has been on the faculty of Kent State University College of Nursing since 2002 and is currently the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs. She is certified as a psychiatric mental health advanced practice nurse since 1987 and has over 30 years of advanced practice nursing experience in the community. Dr. Umberger’s clinical expertise is with patients and families experiencing mental illness who also have co-morbid chronic diseases such as chronic pain and those who are diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness.

Please only sign up for one webinar. Each person attending the webinar must be registered with a valid email. Certificates of attendance for licensure and certification will be emailed to only those that are registered and attend the webinar for the duration of the training.

You can register for the trainings by clicking the link below the training you would like to attend.

  • TBD

eBased Academy Training: https://www.ebasedacademy.org/learn/course/external/view/elearning/103/rcf-personal-care-services-and-assistance-with-self-administration-of-medication-training

Registration Instructions for the eBased Academy: To register yourself to the system click “Register” next to username and password fields on the top left of the homepage.

A pop-up login form will open. Fill all the required details and ideally also the optional ones. Be sure to select the “I accept the terms of the privacy policy” box and click the REGISTER button.

Once you have clicked register, you will receive an additional confirmation message on the screen, which requires you to access your e-mail and confirm your identity by clicking on the confirmation link provided.  It may take up to two days (and sometimes longer) to gain access to the training as your registration needs to be processed through our help desk. You can email the helpdesk if you have any questions or issues at: MHAHelpDesk@mha.ohio.gov. Once processed, you can access the training using your username and password that you registered with.

If you have any questions about Personal Care or Assistance with Self Administration of Medication during or after the training, please contact your surveyor or you can email your questions to: liccert@mha.ohio.gov.