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Block Grants

OhioMHAS administers two federal Block Grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – the Substance Abuse Block Grant and the Mental Health Block Grant. There is a single plan governing both grants. Funds are awarded to providers and county ADAMH Boards for local services.

Mental Health Block Grant

The Mental Health Block Grant provides $22 million for treatment and recovery supports of persons with serious mental illness, as well as service improvement activities. Recovery supports include housing, employment and peer support services.

Ohio Community Recovery Support Planning Council (OCSPC)

OCSPC is a federally mandated body that monitors, reviews and evaluates Ohio's block grant application. It also advocates for consumer and family oriented, integrated, community-based systems supporting the highest quality of life.

Substance Abuse Block Grant

Substance Abuse Block Grant provides $64 million for prevention, treatment and recovery supports for persons with substance use disorders, especially pregnant women, women with dependent children and IV drug (opioid) users.