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Tenth Annual Trauma-Informed Care Summit

Office of Bureau of Mental Health Treatment Request for Applications Tenth Annual Trauma-Informed Care Summit

Event Planning and Management Services

RFA #: MHA-FY23-Mental Health Treatment-Tenth Annual Trauma-Informed Care Summit-#20

Funding Period: 12-19-2022 – 6-30-2023

Request for Applications Posting Date: 11-18-2022 Request for Applications Due Date: 12-12-22, by 3 p.m. EDT

Grants Posting Evaluation Criteria for Request for Applications (RFA)

Tenth Annual Trauma-Informed Care Summit Event Planning and Management Services Bureau of Mental Health Treatment

RFA #: 20   

Applications should be completed using the following information, guidance, and requirements:



The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) releases this Request for Applications (RFA) for the purpose of soliciting applications from qualified non-profit organizations to provide event planning and management services. This RFA seeks to select one grantee. The responsibilities of the selected applicants will include all event planning and management services for the tenth annual trauma-informed care Summit. OhioMHAS will award funding only to qualified non-profit organizations or governmental entities that provide event planning and management services.

For the purpose of this RFA, the term “applicant” is defined as a nonprofit organization, governmental entity, or individual interested in this opportunity. The terms “application” and “response” may be used interchangeably to indicate materials submitted to OhioMHAS by an applicant in order to be considered for award of a grant for services described in this RFA. The terms “grantee” and “selected applicant” may be used interchangeably in reference to an organization selected by OhioMHAS through this RFA for award.

Overview of the Project

One vendor will be contracted to assist OhioMHAS with event planning and management services for the tenth annual trauma-informed care Summit, a two-day educational event that will be hosted in May of 2023. The goal of the Summit is to increase knowledge of trauma and its impact on Ohioans.

Issuing Office

Mental Health Treatment Bureau


The Ohio Departments of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) and Developmental Disabilities (DODD) launched a statewide Trauma-Informed Care Initiative (TIC) in 2013. A goal of this Initiative is to expand opportunities for Ohioans to receive trauma-informed interventions by enhancing efforts for practitioners, facilities and agencies to become competent in trauma informed practices. TIC is an approach that explicitly acknowledges the role trauma plays in people’s lives.

Scope of Work

  1. Host in-person and virtual events with an option to provide a hybrid in-person/virtual event.

  2. Secure and administer contract with event platform and/or facility for the two-day Summit with ability to record all sessions and calculate the amount of time each attendee participated

    1. Broadcast live events of Welcome, two Keynotes, two panel discussions, and 32 breakout sessions with breakout rooms at each session

    2. Coordinate audio-visual needs for main keynote presentations, panels and breakout rooms (if needed, e.g. use of videos, music, audio recordings)

    3. Each keynote, panel and breakout session will have the ability to provide additional materials to participants (via links or PDFs provided by presenters)

    4. Selected platform and/or facility must have the capability for presenters to pre-record session and allow for presenter(s) to participate in a Q & A during the keynote, panel discussion, and breakout sessions

  3. Assist OhioMHAS staff in the Call-for-Workshop Proposals submission process using specialized software, accommodating all required information for awarding continuing education units; the process will collect all information as required by the OhioMHAS and DODD Call-for-Workshop Proposal.

  4. Arrange and provide training for all keynote, panelists and all presenters prior to the Summit event designed to familiarize and orient breakout moderators and presenters with platform technology and/or facility requirements.

  5. Online/phone/email live support for all presenters and technical support

  6. Designate a project manager responsible for monitoring and reporting on event planning activities. The project manager will regularly attend all meetings (in-person or virtual) of the Ohio MHAS/DODD Summit Planning Committee.

  7. Coordinate with OhioMHAS and DODD regarding continuing education (CE) credit application and verification approval. This will include, but is not limited to:

    1. An initial planning meeting with OhioMHAS and DODD Training & Development staff to discuss Continuing Education process and expectations

    2. Scheduling other meetings as needed for CE follow-up during the process

    3. Completing all applicable applications and processes to obtain CE credit for the conference

    4. Submitting the CE application and all supporting documents at least four weeks in advance of the conference date, or the date that the registration site “goes live”, whichever comes first

    5. Ensuring all required CE documentation is available the day of the conference

    6. Working with OhioMHAS and DODDD Training & Development staff to accommodate recording of conference sessions to create enduring training material, as needed

    7. Submitting post-program documentation electronically to OhioMHAS & DODD Training & Development staff within ten days of conference

    8. Submitting recordings of each presentation to OhioMHAS within three weeks of conference

    9. Accommodating one or more OhioMHAS & DODD Training & Development staff attending conference to audit proper execution of CE processes.

      1. Design and manage participant registration using specialized software, and accommodating break out session quotas; collect and monitor information regarding any special need(s) requests (e.g., interpretation services); data base management.

      2. Registration shall allow for participant to register for all sessions or for fewer than all sessions.

      3. Provide interpretation services for sessions as identified.

      4. Provide fiscal tracking and managing of all registration fees (collect, record and track registration fees; distribute receipts); accept cash, check and credit cards as methods of payment; and process invoices for payment.

      5. Provide confirmation correspondence to all participants including link(s) to all session(s) for which participants have pre-registered

        1. Correspond with speakers as needed to assist in meeting needs including audio/visual, if appropriate, etc.

        2. Coordinate assembly and posting of event materials.

        3. Provide event manager during the Summit to manage the following: breakout room arrangements, including availability and operability of audio-visual packages/equipment; and to direct operations.

        4. Provide adequate staffing for registration, management of Summit logistics, breakout session moderators, and, end of day check-out, evaluation turn-in and distribution of CEU certificates.

        5. Compile a final electronic copy report of all participants in a format mutually agreed upon between the awardee and OhioMHAS.

        6. Review/assess evaluations and provide OhioMHAS and DODD with a summary report of the evaluations and of CEs distributed.

        7. Distribute post-conference correspondence to speakers.

        8. Invoice and follow up on outstanding fees.

Eligible Applicants

OhioMHAS seeks applications from an organization with documented experience in meeting/event pre-planning, on- site and post-event management services. Applicant must have knowledge of Ohio’s Mental Health, Addiction, and Developmental Disabilities systems and their partners.

Only organizations that have the resources to complete each item under “Scope of Work/Deliverables” should apply. Applicants must be a 501-C (3) or (4) non-profit or government entity.


The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services has released this request for applications (RFA) with the intent of awarding up to $88,000 per year to one non-profit organization, which will in turn support conference activities. Applicants must be a 501-C (3) or (4) entity.

Awards are expected to be announced for project implementation by 12-19-22.

The actual dollar amount awarded for selected applications will be based on the amount of state or federal funding made available to OhioMHAS, and the application which is both qualified and selected for award. Applications are qualified if they are in accordance with the application submission requirements and earn at least the minimum score requirements for quality and completeness of applications, as specified in this RFA. Scoring and final selections will be completed by a team selected by OhioMHAS. To make its final selection of applications which will receive awards and to determine the size of those awards, OhioMHAS may, at its option, take into consideration application quality, reasonableness and appropriateness of the proposed budget, geographic diversity, local collaborations and funding available.

OhioMHAS may, at its option, make selections based in part on geographical and demographic criteria in order to provide a wide range of services around the state, and in both urban and rural areas. Applicants are encouraged to prepare and submit applications and budgets which are both practicable and capable of providing event planning and management services.

Applicants are to be aware that OhioMHAS may, at its sole discretion, negotiate with all technically qualifying applicants for a revised Project Budget, if the Project Budgets of all technically qualifying applicants are in excess of the available funding for this project. Please refer to Section 7.1 C. of this RFA for further information on OhioMHAS procedures to be implemented if this occurs.


Anticipated Timetable

  1. The RFA, accompanying documents, and all questions and answers are/will be posted on this page.

  2. All questions must be submitted electronically no later than 12-5-2022, by 3 p.m. EDT, to OhioMHAS at: TraumaSummit2023RFP@mha.ohio.gov

  3. The FAQ mailbox will close one week prior to the application due date. No questions will be answered after the deadline. You may NOT contact any OhioMHAS staff member directly with questions regarding this RFA. Contacting staff directly with questions could result in disqualification of an application.

  4. Responses to all questions (FAQ) will be posted on this page and will be updated frequently.

  5. Applications must be submitted electronically to TraumaSummit2023RFP@mha.ohio.gov by 12-12-2022 by 3 p.m. EDT.

  6. Application grant notification letters will be sent approximately fourteen days post grant application closure.

  7. OhioMHAS agreements are not valid and effective until the issuance of an approved State of Ohio Notice of Sub-Award (NOSA). The NOSA will contain the start and end dates of the award.

  8. The grantee(s) must be able to begin work no later than seven (7) working days after the time funds are encumbered and approved by the Office of Budget & Management. The grantee(s) will be notified by the OhioMHAS Agreement Manager when work may begin. Any work begun by the grantee prior to this notification may not be reimbursable by OhioMHAS.

  9. All work must be completed and approved by the OhioMHAS Agreement Manager. All work must be completed by 3:00 p.m. of the last day of the programmatic period as it appears on the NOSA.

It is the responsibility of all applicants to check the webpage dedicated to this RFA on a regular basis for responses to all questions, as well as for any amendments, alerts, or other pertinent information regarding this RFA. OhioMHAS is not responsible for the accuracy of any information regarding this RFA that was obtained or gathered through a source different from the Q & A process described in this RFA.

Should applicants experience technical difficulties accessing the OhioMHAS website where the RFA and its related documents are published, they may contact the OhioMHAS Helpdesk at (MHAHelpdesk@mha.ohio.gov) for guidance.


The applicant must submit electronic response to TraumaSummit2023RFP@mha.ohio.gov. A copy of the grant application must be received by OhioMHAS no later than 12-12-2022 by 3 p.m. EDT. Applications received after this date and time will not be reviewed. Materials mailed or submitted separately from the application packet will not be accepted or added to the application/proposal by staff of OhioMHAS. Faxed or mailed applications will not be accepted. Costs incurred in the preparation of this application are to be borne by the applicant; OhioMHAS will not contribute in any way to the costs of the preparation.

Page Limit

  1. The page limit for this application is 6 pages, single spaced, on-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman. The 6 pages do not include the Budget Expenditure Form and Budget Narrative.

  2. Application Components

    1. Face-sheet

      1. Name of applicant organization, address, phone number

      2. Executive director name and contact information

      3. Project Director name and contact information

      4. Fiscal officer name and contact information

      5. Applicant’s federal tax ID

      6. Specify whether applicant is a 501 C (3) or (4) non-profit or government entity

      7. Title of this RFA

      8. Amount of funding requested

    2. Abstract – Summary of services and supports to be provided, the target population(s), number of individuals projected to be served in the first and second funding period, the goal(s) and object(s) of the proposed services and supports, and the total amount of funding requested for the first and second funding period. (400 words or less)

    3. Scope of the Work/Project Description: Provide a detailed description of the proposed approach to completing each deliverable and timeline for completing each deliverable. In the project description, please also include the following information.

      1. Target Population

      2. Number to be Served

      3. National Outcome Measures (NOMS): Applications must include a description of the project goals and measures to be achieved during the programmatic project period.

      4. Applicant Qualifications: The applicant must address all the minimum qualifications and fully describe the applicant’s experience and qualifications.

      5. Staffing Plan: The applicant’s response must identify by position and name, the staff who will be key to the project’s success. Include qualifications and the service providers’ level of subject matter expertise implementing the proposed services and supports.

      6. Sub-Awardee qualifications and staffing plan (if applicable)

      7. Adherence to the National CLAS Standards:

        1. Link to National CLAS Standards: https://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/omh/browse.aspx?lvl=2&lvlid=53

        2. How diverse cultural health beliefs and practices will be implemented in a culturally competent and trauma informed manner

        3. How preferred languages will be honored

        4. How to meet health literacy and other communication needs of all sub-populations identified in the proposal

    4. Outcome Measures

      Applications must include a description of the project goals and outcomes to be achieved; a detailed methodology for measuring progress; benchmarks that provide an indication of standards to achieved; a methodology for tracking progress achievements or shortfalls; and a methodology for analyzing and correcting project errors.

    5. Budget Expenditure Form and Budget Narrative

      1. Applications must include a Budget Expenditure Form and Budget Narrative that identifies all costs to complete the project as described in the Request for Application.

      2. Include a signed Notice of Award/Sub-Awardee Statement of Assurances including budget and budget narrative for each sub-awardee.

      3. Include the Budget Checklist which can be found on the OhioMHAS Funding Opportunities Page.


4.1 Scoring Applications

OhioMHAS will enter into agreement(s) with a grantee(s) that best demonstrates the ability to meet requirements as specified in the RFA. Applicants submitting a response will be evaluated based on the capacity and experience demonstrated in their Application and Project Budget. All applications will be reviewed and scored by a team from OhioMHAS.

OhioMHAS is under no obligation to issue an agreement as a result of this solicitation if, in the opinion of OhioMHAS and the Scoring Team, none of the applications are responsive to the objectives and needs of the Department. OhioMHAS reserves the right not to select any application should OhioMHAS decide not to proceed.

All applications and any other documents submitted to OhioMHAS in response to any solicitation shall become the property of OhioMHAS. This RFA and, after the selection of an applicant for award, any applications received in response to a solicitation that have been opened, reviewed and considered by OhioMHAS are deemed to be public records pursuant to ORC 149.43. For purposes of this section, the term “application” shall mean both the Technical Application and the Project Budget submitted by an applicant and any attachments, addenda, appendices, resumes, letters of recommendation, or sample products.

A. Criteria for Scoring

All applications will be scored based on the available points per section according to the following scale, based on a proposed plan’s ability to meet the objectives outlined in this RFA. The application scoring uses the following point values for rating each requirement:

Technical Performance Scoring Definitions:

“Does Not Meet Requirement”- applicant did not address a particular RFA requirement in the application,

Score: 0

“Partially Meets Requirement”- applicant demonstrates some attempt at meeting a particular RFA requirement, but that attempt falls below acceptable level, Score: 1-5

“Meets Requirement”- applicant fulfills a particular RFA requirement in all material respects, potentially with only minor, non-substantial deviation, Score: 6-10

“Exceeds Requirement”- applicant fulfills a particular RFA requirement in all material respects, and offers some additional level of quality in excess of OhioMHAS expectations, Score: 7-20


  1. Awards are expected to be announced during the week of 11-21-2022

  2. Grant award will not exceed $88,000 per grant recipient.

  3. All grant funds must be expended by 6-30-2023.

  4. Renewals are subject to successful performance and the availability of future funds.

Deadline for submission of all applications is 12-12-2022, 3 p.m. EDT and must be submitted to TraumaSummit2023RFP@mha.ohio.gov


*According to requirements of Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 126.07, OhioMHAS agreements are not valid and enforceable until the Office of Budget and Management (OBM) certifies the availability of appropriate funding, as indicated by the approval of the Purchase Order (PO). The selected applicant(s) may neither perform work nor submit an invoice for payment for work performed for this project for any time period prior to the PO approval date. The OhioMHAS Agreement Manager will notify the selected applicant(s) when the requirements of ORC Section 126.07 have been met.

* * Subject to all applicable approvals, the agreement period is expected to run from approximately 12-19-2022 through

6-30-2023. Renewal of the agreement(s) will be contingent upon availability of funding, satisfactory performance, the continued need for the services described herein, and all required approvals.

5.1 Public Release of Records

Public release of any evaluation or monitoring reports funded under this agreement will be made only by OhioMHAS. Prior to public release of such reports, OhioMHAS must have at least a thirty (30) day period for review and comment.


  1. Required Applicant Information and Certifications (To be completed & included in the application as specified)

  2. Assurances

  3. Application Score Sheet (For applicant reference purposes)

  4. Project Budget Form (To be completed and included in cost application packet as specified in Section 3.2, B.)

Rating Explanation

0 “Does Not Meet Requirement” Application does not comply with the requirement and/or does not address a particular RFA requirement in the application.

1-5 “Partially Meets Requirement” Applicant demonstrates some attempt at meeting a particular RFA requirement, but that attempt falls below acceptable level.

6-10 “Meets Requirement” Applicant fulfills a particular RFA requirement in all material respects, potentially with only minor, non-substantial deviation.

11-20 “Exceeds Requirement” Applicant fulfills a particular RFA requirement in all material respects and offers some additional level of quality in excess of OhioMHAS expectations.

Organization Name:                          

Review Criterion





Scope of Work



Summary of how contractor will fulfill scope of work criteria.



Project Description Components:



Demonstration that applicant meets the minimum requirements to apply for the grant



Example of previous meeting/event pre-planning, on-site, and post-event management services.



Cost is reasonable and realistic



Total Score (out of 100)




Printed Name of Reviewer Date

Signature of Reviewer Date