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State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup

About Us


The Behavioral Health Data Group diligently works to keep the most current state and county-level data in the hands of decision-makers who will lead Ohio to better health and wellbeing. The Group serves as a clearinghouse for substance use and mental health related data indicators. Our primary objective is to identify, organize, analyze, and share key substance abuse prevention and related behavioral health indicators data.

The Group utilizes key national and state-level data partners across public health sectors. For effective planning, data across multiple systems (health, criminal justice, education) yield a fuller understanding of the consequences and effects of behavioral health prevention and intervention efforts.

This Group has created several dashboards that illustrate the impact of substance use and behavioral health disorders on Ohio. These dashboards allow for benchmarking across county, state, and national measures including: substance use and abuse; mental health and suicide; gambling; sexual behavior; physical health and wellbeing; community, school, and family environments; and economic indicators. Each dashboard is designed to assist in planning, and implementation of behavioral health in Ohio’s communities.


In 2009 Ohio established a State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (Ohio SEOW). The original Ohio SEOW was funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to provide expertise regarding emerging research and evaluation in support of Ohio’s Prevention State Infrastructure Grant (SIG).

In alignment with SAMHSA’s vision, Ohio’s SEOW assembled an expert panel including researchers and prevention experts from Ohio's top universities and collaborative groups of agencies and individuals focused on using data to inform and enhance prevention practice at both the state and local levels. The SEOW worked to provide guidance on data collection and reporting, and to ensure data-driven decisions regarding prevention services in Ohio. Data collection and reporting focused on key behavioral health indicators related to substance use consumption, consequence, and context (risk and protective factors). Primarily, the data reported came from existing data sets such as the U.S. Census Bureau, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), and the Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS).

Ohio’s SEOW supported communities in using data for SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and from 2012-2019 supported Ohio’s Strategic Prevention Framework Partnership for Success (SPF-PFS) initiative. The SPF-PFS aimed at reducing prescription drug misuse and reducing the consequences of underage drinking among young adults (https://www.pfs.ohio.gov/). As part of this grant, Ohio’s SEOW-PFS Workgroup provided guidance and assistance to sub-recipient communities to meet their needs assessment requirements .

In 2022, Ohio’s SEOW was renamed to the Behavioral Health Data Group (BHDG). The BHDG is building on the history of the SEOW by continuing to seek out and visualize informative behavioral health data.