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Forensic Services


Senate Bill 2
SB2 expands options for restoration, especially for people charged with nonviolent misdemeanors.

The goal of Forensic Services is to facilitate the admission, treatment and discharge of people who are ordered to undergo psychiatric hospitalization by the criminal court system. The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) operates six state-run Regional Psychiatric Hospitals that support this system of services.

Patients are referred to our hospitals by the county criminal courts where legal charges are involved. A patient's length of stay can vary between a few weeks to several months or years. It is the court that has final approval of any discharge or conditional release.

Patient progress toward recovery is evaluated regularly by the hospital clinicians to coordinate the patient’s treatment and movement requirements with the committing courts. Staff members work with families, patients and community agencies to ensure the safety of the patient and the community throughout all stages of treatment.


Lisa D. Gordish

Psy.D., LICDC-CS Director of Forensic Services
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