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Forensic Evaluation Centers

Ten community forensic evaluation centers provide comprehensive forensic evaluation services for Ohio's criminal court system. Each provides services to designated counties in its region. Forensic center staff also provide consultation and training services for local criminal justice systems, county boards and community mental health agencies, as well as expert testimony for their local courts. They also provide second opinion evaluations for Hospital Services on patients being considered for non secured status.

Forensic evaluators conduct high-quality, court-ordered evaluations in the most efficient manner possible to protect the needs of people with mental illness or intellectual disability who become involved in the criminal justice system.

Community forensic evaluation centers are located in various regions throughout the state, and each provides services to designated counties. Prior to the development of the current system, most court-ordered sanity and competency to stand trial evaluations occurred on an inpatient basis at one location. The community forensic center system was developed to allow for the local provision of evaluations on an outpatient basis. This decreases the cost of the evaluation process and reduces delays in the court proceedings. The centers provide timely, comprehensive and professional evaluations locally, eliminating the stigma of inpatient hospitalization and increased costs.

Find a Forensic Evaluation Center

City Forensic Evaluation Center Director Phone Number
Akron Psychodiagnostic Clinic Arcangela Wood 330-643-2333
Cambridge Forensic Diagnostic Center Andrew Reisner 740-439-4136
Cincinnati Court Clinic Forensic Services Gail Hellmann 513-352-1342
Cincinnati Court Clinic Forensic Services Emily Davis 330-643-2333
Cleveland Court Psychiatric Clinic Mike Aronoff 216-443-7330
Columbus Netcare Forensic Center Meredith Veltri 614-278-0200
Dayton Forensic Center for Western Ohio Kara Marciani 937-463-2953
Hamilton Forensic Evaluation Service Center Erin Nichting 513-869-4014
Hamilton Forensic Evaluation Service Center Jenny O'Donnell 513-869-2010
Mansfield District V Forensic Diagnostic Center Bethany Young-Lundquist 419-774-5970
Toledo Court Diagnostic and Treatment Center Megan Shaal 419-244-8624
Youngstown Forensic Psychiatric Center of Northeast Ohio Vince Arduin 330-792-1918