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Community Forensic Monitoring

OhioMHAS works with county alcohol, drug addiction and mental health (ADAMH) boards and community mental health (CMH) boards to oversee the Community Forensic Monitoring Program. Forensic monitors follow treatment compliance and progress of people found not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI) and defendants found to be incompetent to stand trial-unrestorable-criminal court jurisdiction (IST-U-CJ) who are on conditional release commitment. Monitors serve as a liaison between the individual, the court, the community, and the OhioMHAS Regional Psychiatric Hospitals.

Forensic monitors ensure people with mental illness have a successful transition from the hospital to the community. They also ensure that effective risk management procedures are implemented by community providers and that prompt re-hospitalization, re-institutionalization, or detention occurs when public safety necessitates this level of care.

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