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Residential State Supplement

What is the Residential State Supplement Program (RSS)?

RSS is Ohio’s Optional State Supplementation program which provides financial assistance to adults with disabilities to help with accommodations, supervision, and personal care services in eligible living arrangements. Individuals use RSS, which supplements their income, to pay the monthly allowable fee (or “rent”) to eligible living arrangements (i.e. Class Two Residential Facilities or Adult Care Facilities).

What are the eligibility criteria?

The RSS non-financial eligibility criteria are:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Eligible or enrolled in Medicaid (not a waiver program);
  • Receiving Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Supplemental Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits;
  • Either currently receiving treatment in a nursing home and planning for discharge, or meet at least a Protective Level of Care (to be confirmed during the Level of Care [LOC] determination process); and
  • Currently reside or planning to reside in an Eligible Living Arrangement.

Once an RSS application is completed and the non-financial eligibility criteria are met, OhioMHAS forwards the individual’s information to the local County Department of Job & Family Services (CDJFS) office for a financial eligibility determination.  Eligible individuals may have:

  • A monthly income up to $1,300*; and
  • Up to $2,000* in assets.

*Please note that these figures are estimates and final financial eligibility is determined by the local CDJFS office. Examples of financial documents that JFS may need include SSI award letters, most recent bank account statements, and resident agreements.

What are eligible living arrangements?

Enrolled individuals may choose to live in Class Two Residential Facilities, (formerly known as Adult Care Facilities or ACFs) that are currently licensed by OhioMHAS and in good standing. Please follow the below links for listings of RSS-eligible living arrangements. Please note that facilities may choose not to accept residents enrolled in RSS, so confirm with the operator prior to selecting a living arrangement.

**Beginning in 2017, Residential Care Facilities (or Assisted Living) licensed by the Ohio Department of Health for 17 beds or more are not eligible living arrangements for RSS unless approved by OhioMHAS on an individual basis. Learn more about the RSS Eligible Living Arrangement Approval Procedure.

How do I apply for RSS?

Individuals may submit RSS applications, but often legal guardians, discharge planners, and case managers complete applications on behalf of interested individuals. Please complete the following forms and submit them via fax to 614-485-9747 or encrypted email to RSS@mha.ohio.gov:

Once an RSS application is received, all forms are reviewed to determine whether the non-financial eligibility criteria are met. Individuals who meet those criteria and are not currently residing in a nursing home will be contacted for a Level of Care (LOC) determination by the local Area Agency on Aging. Once the LOC is completed, OhioMHAS forwards the application to the local CDJFS office for the financial eligibility determination (including the monthly RSS benefit amount). Once OhioMHAS and the local CDJFS determine that all eligibility criteria have been met, the individual is then enrolled in RSS.

If you are checking the status of an RSS application or have questions regarding the enrollment process, please contact Community Transitions via email at RSS@mha.ohio.gov or call 614-752-9316.

*If the application does not open, try using Internet Explorer or click the download icon at the top of the screen.

What should I expect now that I am enrolled?

Once an individual enrolled in RSS, the initial RSS benefit should be received within one month after moving into the living arrangement. If a representative payee or legal guardian was listed on the program application, that individual or agency should receive the payment on the enrolled individual's behalf. Please note that the facility operator may not be the representative payee for RSS benefits. 

The RSS benefit should be combined with the individual’s income to pay the allowable fee (or “rent”) to the living arrangement in the amount of $1,100 per month.  The living arrangement must accept the monthly allowable fee as payment in full for accommodations, supervision, and personal care services. The operator may charge ancillary fees for additional services if those charges are listed in the Resident Agreement and agreed to by you or your legal guardian.

The Personal Needs Allowance for RSS individuals is $200 per month.

I am no longer enrolled in RSS. Where should I return the payment(s)?

All RSS funds should be mailed to:

         RSS Return Payments
         c/o OhioMHAS
         30 E. Broad St., 36th floor
         Columbus, OH 43215

If you have already redeemed the RSS payment, please make the return check payable to “State Treasurer's Office”.  In the memo portion of the check, write “RSS Return Payment” and include the individual’s full name. 

*Please do not include notes about disenrollment or status change information with the RSS Return Payment.  That information should be sent to via encrypted email to RSS@mha.ohio.gov to be processed by the Community Transitions team.

I am an operator. What is the RSS verification process?

In 2017, OhioMHAS updated Ohio Administrative Code 5122-36-04, which outlines the responsibilities of RSS-eligible living arrangements. Operators of eligible living arrangements are required on a quarterly basis to verify that residents enrolled in RSS are living in their facilities. OhioMHAS will mail operators the RSS Living Arrangement Form each quarter, which will list the names of RSS individuals reported as living at the facility’s address. Operators will review the form for accuracy, then return it to OhioMHAS by the quarter’s deadline. For more information about the RSS Verification Process, please contact Community Transitions via email RSSverify@mha.ohio.gov.

How do I contact OhioMHAS?

For more information about the RSS Program, including questions about RSS enrollment status, status changes, or individual payments, email RSS@mha.ohio.gov or call 614-752-9316

For more information about the RSS Verification Process, including how operators should complete the Living Arrangement Forms, email RSSverify@mha.ohio.gov or call 614-466-4061.