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Resources for Nursing Homes, Transition Coordinators, and Other Providers

 Is the resident or client I am working with eligible for Recovery Requires a Community?

Individuals are eligible to apply for Recovery if they meet the following criteria:

  • Currently receives treatment in a nursing home and plans to transition to the community or has recently transitioned from a nursing home to the community within the last ninety (90) days;  
  • Is enrolled in Medicaid;
  • Has a behavioral health diagnosis (includes mental illness and substance use disorders);
  • Has sufficient income or the means to sustain community living at the time of transition; and
  • Has needs that can be safely met through the Recovery program or a combination of community resources.

How can Recovery Requires a Community help?

Recovery funds can be used in many ways to help an individual transition to the community. Some examples include short-term housing assistance, a one-time payment of utility arrears, supplemental independent living assistance (such as homemaker/personal care services or independent living skills training), start-up household goods such as furniture or groceries, home modifications, or other needs that will directly contribute to an individual’s sustainability following transition. All funds for items or services must be directly linked to the individual’s sustainability and successful recovery in the community. Recovery funding amounts are determined on a case-by-case basis by looking at the needs and challenges to an individual’s transition to the community.

 How can I apply for Recovery Requires a Community?

The Recovery Requires a Community application forms must be submitted to OhioMHAS before the resident discharges from the nursing home or within ninety (90) days of discharge from a nursing facility into the community. Please complete the following forms and submit them via fax (614) 488-4504 or encrypted email to Recovery@mha.ohio.gov:.

In addition:

  • Documentation of a behavioral health diagnosis, e.g., face sheet
  • Any relevant estimates or quotes

The application should address all possible needs the individual may have when transitioning to the community. Once an application is received, the Recovery Requires a Community Administrator will review the forms and may have questions to learn more about the funding request. Once a decision has been made, the Recovery Administrator will contact you to discuss how Recovery funds may help.

The recovery application was approved. How will the individual receive the funds?

Recovery Requires a Community funds are issued on a reimbursement basis. The Transition Coordination or Community Mental Health Agency that assisted with the application should submit receipts, along with the Payment Reimbursement Form to Morning Sun Financial Services (a financial management service partnering with OhioMHAS), and those funds will be reimbursed to the agency that made the initial purchase.

Please note that funds are not disbursed directly to individuals and Representative Payees are no longer permitted to distribute Recovery Requires a Community funds.

Please note that funds are not disbursed directly to individuals and Representative Payees are no longer permitted to distribute Recovery Requires a Community funds.

The resident or client is enrolled in the HOME Choice program. Can Recovery Requires a Community and HOME Choice be used together?

Recovery Requires a Community and HOME Choice are separate programs – Recovery is administered by OhioMHAS and HOME Choice is administered by the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM). The programs have similar goals and work closely together for many individuals, but there are times when Recovery may be used independently of HOME Choice. Please visit the ODM website for more information about HOME Choice.

How do I contact OhioMHAS?

For more information about Recovery Requires a Community, please contact Community Transitions via email Recovery@mha.ohio.gov or call 614-644-0617.