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Evaluation helps organizations recognize what they have done well and what areas need improvement. The process of evaluation involves measuring the impact of programs and practices to understand their effectiveness and any need for change. Evaluation efforts therefore greatly influence the future planning of a program. It can also impact sustainability, because evaluation can show that resources are being used wisely.

Evaluation Resources:

  • Evaluation Planning Surveys
    This document was created by Indiana SPF guide organizers through the evaluation process including creating a plan and how to use different survey data.
  • Sample Evaluation Planning 1
    These evaluation plans were developed by Indiana SPF help organizers create different types of evaluation plans.
  • Sample Evaluation Planning 2
    These evaluation plans were developed by Indiana SPF to help organizers create different types of  evaluation plans.
  • Ten Commandments of Question Writing
    Created by Indiana SPF, this document is a list of ten commandments for creating effective survey questions.
  • Are You Ready to Evaluate Your Coalition
    This handout was designed by CoalitionWorks to help prevention professionals decide whether they are prepared to begin the evaluation phase of prevention intiatives.
  • Coalition Effectiveness Inventory
    This handout asks organizers to answer a number of different questions about the efforts of their coalition to assist in the evaluation process. It evaluations Coalition Participants, Structure, and Processes.
  • CADCA Evaluation Primer
    This primer was developed by CADCA as a guide for prevention organizers working on the Evaluation level of SPF. Free print copies are also available to order.
  • Understanding Fidelity vs. Adaptation
    This handout was adapted by Indiana SPF to help communities understand the difference between Fidelity and Adaptation when evaluating the implementation of prevention programs.
  • Survey for Training Workshop Participants
    Created by Indiana SPF, this is a short survey to be given to participants involved in trainings to evaluate their efficacy.
  • Meeting Effectiveness Inventory
    Created by CoalitionWorks, this handout can be used at various stages of the process to evaluate the effectiveness of coalition meetings.