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Connect with a Peer Supporter

Peer recovery supporters offer a shared understanding of what it’s like to live with a mental illness and/or substance use disorder and can offer proof that recovery is possible. Peer recovery supporters can help people become more engaged in their own recovery and can relate to their struggles on a higher level because of their own experiences.

There are multiple ways to connect with a Peer Recovery Supporter. The first step is to contact a peer-run organization that is in your area. If there is no peer-run organization, you should contact your provider to see if they can connect you with one. If you can neither get connected through a peer-run organization or your provider, contact the Peer Services Office at peerservices@mha.ohio.gov.

Peer recovery services are community-based services for people with a mental illness or substance use disorder. Services are activities that promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, well-being and independence.

In Ohio, peer recovery supporters become certified by taking an in-person training or by having three years of work or volunteer experience as a peer navigator, peer specialist, peer supporter, or peer recovery coach. Regardless of the pathway to certification, individuals must also have completed 16 hours of online e-Based Academy courses, which include topics such as ethics, human trafficking and trauma-informed care, pass the OhioMHAS Peer Recovery Services exam, sign and agree to the OhioMHAS Peer Recovery Services Code of Ethics and pass a Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) background check.

We are currently reviewing the Peer Recovery Supporter (PRS) training and certification process.