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Apply for Peer Supporter Certification Renewal

Apply for Adult, Family or Youth Peer Supporter Certification Renewal

 Renewal applications are processed on eLicense at https://elicense.ohio.gov/oh_communitieslogin (see below for full instructions)

The Adult, Family and Youth Peer Supporter Certification is valid for a period of 2 years, after which individuals must apply for Renewal. Renewal Applications should be submitted within 90 days of certification expiration.

As with other professional licensure and certifications, in order to maintain certification, it is necessary for individuals to remain in good standing. The Ohio Adult, Family, and Youth Certified Peer Supporter Code of Ethics is the professional standard of conduct for certification. When working for a provider, Consumer Operated Service or other organization, it is crucial to abide by the organization’s Employee Code of Conduct and the Ohio Adult, Family, and Youth Certified Peer Supporter Code of Ethics.

To apply for Peer Supporter Certification Renewal, you must do the following:

  1. Complete the Renewal Application online at: https://elicense.ohio.gov/oh_communitieslogin
  2. Complete and submit into the eLicense application portal proof of 30 continuing education (CE) credit hours (Scroll down for additional guidance on Continuing Education). Your renewal CE credit hours must include the required hours for each of the following topics:
    1. Ethics (may include HIPAA, confidentiality): 3 hours
    2. Boundaries: 3 hours
    3. Diversity and inclusion/cultural sensitivity: 2 hours
    4. System Navigation and care coordination: 1 hour
    5. Trauma-Informed Care: 2 hours
    6. Human Trafficking: 1 hour
    7. Behavioral health knowledge (may include recovery and resiliency): 1 hour
    8. Basic principles related to health and wellness: 1 hour
    9. Principles of coaching as applied to the delivery of peer services: 2 hours
  3. Complete and submit into the eLicense application portal the Continuing Education Log, listing all CE trainings you have completed. You must submit both this log and your certificate of completion for each CE training.

** all continuing education credits must be at least 1 hour long and have written goals and objectives.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS: If you have had no new felony offenses, criminal background checks are not required for renewal. If you have had a new felony offense, you must complete both a BCI and FBI criminal background check. CLICK HERE FOR BACKGROUND CHECK INSTRUCTIONS.

DUAL CERTIFICATION: If you hold more than one Peer Support Certification (Adult, Family or Youth), you are required to complete in eLicense a separate Renewal application each certification. You may use the same Continuing Education for multiple certifications, but you will need to submit your Continuing Education Log into eLicense along with each separate Renewal application.

Continuing Education (CE) Credit Hours:

Please note, as with other professional certifications, it is the responsibility of the certified Peer Supporter to independently research and obtain continuing education (CE). OhioMHAS does not provide a list of specific CE courses. At the bottom of these instructions, you may find a list of sample organizations offering CE.

  • Your CE credits do not all have to be in the form of Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). You may use CEU’s and/or Certificates of Participation that list the time spent in the training (EXAMPLE: A training that takes place for 2 hours, from 12:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M., will count as 2 CE credits.
  • Your name and training hours must be listed on the Certificate of Participation. Your certification is subject to audit. Please keep for your records copies of all Certificates of Participation.
  • CE credits for renewal may be obtained in various settings that include attending in-person conferences, training, or online learning courses. If you are employed as a Peer Supporter, we recommend asking your employer about CE/training opportunities.
  • At this address, you may sign up for the OhioMHAS eNewsletter. Outside organizations often post-training CE opportunities in the newsletter: https://mha.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/mha/help-center/subscribe
  • At this address, you may find contact information for your area Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, which may offer CE opportunities: https://www.oacbha.org/mappage.php

Below please find a list of samples of organizations that may offer online CE learning resources. Please note these are samples only - Peer Supporter renewal applicants must independently research continuing education: