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Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence-based practice. It is a model of Supported Employment designed to serve people with severe and persistent mental illness and those with co-occurring substance use disorders. Like other models of Supported Employment, IPS services are provided by wraparound teams of practitioners (job development, clinical, peer support and work incentives planning), but IPS services closely adhere to a core set of principles. People are intensively supported in obtaining, maintaining and moving ahead in integrated competitive employment of their choice, with help managing their benefits in the process.

There are eight core principles that make the IPS model different from traditional vocational programs:

  1. Zero Exclusion
  2. Integrated Employment & Treatment
  3. Competitive Jobs
  4. Rapid Job-Search
  5. Systematic Job Development
  6. Time-Unlimited Support
  7. Consumer Preferences
  8. Benefits Planning

Qualified IPS Providers are comprehensive community behavioral health providers certified through OhioMHAS for employment/vocational services that provide meaningful competitive integrated employment, have onsite multidisciplinary teams, participate in ongoing training, consultation, and technical assistance from OhioMHAS, and maintain fidelity to the model as defined by the IPS Learning Center.