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ECMH Consultation and Treatment

The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) Program’s objectives are to build protective factors in young children, increase skills of parents and promote the competencies of early childhood providers, especially for children ages birth to six years who are at risk for abuse, neglect and poor social and emotional health. ECMHC targets the healthy social and emotional development of all young children in Ohio to ensure they thrive and are ready for school.

ECMH consultants team with early childhood providers to help them understand and problem-solve challenging child behaviors, both in and out of the classroom. Services include on-site child/family-focused technical assistance to parents, teachers and staff, resources for parents, including art therapy, play therapy or physical health referrals and training and professional development. Consultants offer interventions for children and respond to the providers’ programming needs, which include providing family enrichment activities and modeling helpful interactions with children.

A workgroup of early childhood mental health professionals developed core competencies for ECMH providers. These core competencies were written to promote the professional development of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for ECMH professionals who provide consultation and/or treatment.

To request a consultation, contact the Ohio Preschool Expulsion Prevention Partnership at (844) 678-ABCs (2227).