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Drug Courts

Drug courts are specialized dockets that handle cases involving substance-abusing offenders through supervision, drug and alcohol testing, treatment services and immediate sanctions and incentives. The majority of people participating in Ohio’s drug courts are heroin/opioid dependent.

Criminal Drug Courts

Criminal drug courts serve adults offenders under the supervision of common pleas or municipal courts. The goals of criminal drug courts include: ending the cycle of addiction and recidivism, reducing the number of high-risk/high-need addicted offenders in the state prison system, and managing these offenders in their communities where they can continue parenting their children and become tax paying workers.

Juvenile Drug Courts

Juvenile drug courts serve adolescents under the supervision of juvenile courts. The goals of juvenile drug courts include: intervening with high risk/high need youth to treat substance abuse and addiction, reducing recidivism and commitments to the Department of Youth Services, improving school attendance and performance, and empowering parents and youth to improve family functioning.

Family Drug Courts

Family drug courts serve parents charged with abuse, neglect or dependency of their minor children. The goals of family drug courts include: ending the parents’ cycle of addiction, reducing the need for out-of-home placement for children determined by child protective service agencies to be abused, neglected or dependent, shortening the length of out-of-home placements, improving parenting skills, and increasing the number of children who can be reunited with their parents.