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Reaction from Ohio's Behavioral Health Field

National Alliance on Mental Illness – Ohio Chapter:

NAMI Ohio Executive Director, Terry Russell, was humbled to be recognized for his contribution to those living with mental illness and their families by Governor DeWine during today's State of the State Address. More important than the recognition was Governor DeWine's message about the need to fulfill the promises that were never kept after the closure of Ohio's state psychiatric hospitals. NAMI Ohio stands ready to work with the Governor in any way we can to ensure that Ohio's citizens living with mental illness have the support and care needed to live successful lives. NAMI Ohio is an organization that represents those living with mental illness and their families. We have never been more excited than we are today about the opportunities presented in the State of the State Address. We want to thank Governor DeWine for his years of support of those we represent and for his commitment to correct past failures that have negatively impacted so many people. Future generations will remember today's State of the State Address in the same way we remember Dorothea Dix in the late 1800s begging for mental health reform. 


Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities:

Today, Governor DeWine shared his commitment to the future of the community mental health and addiction system in Ohio. We applaud his desire to grow the behavioral health workforce, increase investments in cutting-edge research, and expand community capacity for care. He shared that we must now fulfill the promises made to finally establish a visible, accessible, and effective system of community services and supports for all Ohioans. We look forward to working with Governor DeWine and his administration to support specific efforts to ensure that all Ohioans are able to seek and receive mental health and addiction services when and where they need them.


Ohio Children’s Alliance:

Under Governor DeWine’s leadership, Ohio has diligently worked to address gaps in mental health coverage and support children services, but as the Governor indicated in his State of the State address, there is more to be done. Governor DeWine has laid out plans for the continuance of an impressive, child-focused agenda that will ultimately help to secure the future of our state. We commend his sustained commitment to expanding telehealth services, innovating services delivery for multisystem youth, and prioritizing recruitment and retention for direct care providers as means to that end. We look forward to continuing to work with the DeWine administration to empower families and maintain and expand services to kids across the state.


Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers:

The pandemic and the social and economic distress it has caused over the past two years have pushed the behavioral health workforce to its breaking point, and we applaud Governor DeWine’s steady leadership and strong efforts to guide our state throughout his tenure as governor…We look forward to working with the administration and the Ohio General Assembly to fulfill the promises of the past and invest in Ohioans’ future. The critical steps outlined today by the DeWine administration will no doubt have far-reaching, positive effects and support health, wellness, and recovery for people with mental illness and substance use disorder in Ohio.


Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation:

The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation applauds Governor DeWine and his commitment to mental health and suicide prevention.  We were proud to have behavioral health highlighted in his State of the State as he understands and has been a champion for behavioral health as Governor.  Much work needs to be done to bring wellness to individuals, families, and communities. We are so grateful for Governor DeWine’s leadership and commitment to preventing suicide and creating opportunities for mental health wellness.


Mental Health and Addiction Advocacy Coalition:

For nearly 20 years, the Mental Health & Addiction Advocacy Coalition has worked across the aisle and across the state to ensure all Ohioans have access to adequate and comprehensive behavioral healthcare. We look forward to working with the Governor, Legislature, and local governments to continue this mission to help Ohioans lead meaningful and healthy lives.

Prevention Action Alliance

Governor DeWine acknowledged that every day in Ohio there are families in crisis. More importantly, he stated, “We can change this” and outlined a plan to build and complete a system that will ensure that all Ohioans have access to prevention, early intervention, treatment, and long-term support. Prevention Action Alliance supports Governor DeWine’s vision and looks forward to collaborating with his administration to establish a system that will prevent, intervene, and treat mental health and addiction at its earliest onset. We thank him for his ongoing leadership and commitment to a healthy Ohio.