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Offices and Bureaus

Below is a list of the offices, bureaus, and divisions that make up OhioMHAS. Each plays an important role in the agency.

Human Resources

Information Technology

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Project and Production Management
  • Systems Support
  • Hospital

Financial Management

  • Budget Management and Financial Reporting
  • Community Funding
  • Community Monitoring
  • Fiscal Operations
  • Revenue and Recovery

Capital and Planning

Pharmacy Services

  • Central Warehouse

Community Planning and Collaboration

  • Recovery Supports
  • Quality, Research and Planning
  • Grants Management

Community Treatment Services

  • SUD Treatment
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Criminal Justice
  • Children, Youth and Families
  • Correctional Recovery Services

Prevention Services

Public Affairs

  • Communications
  • Legislation
  • Behavioral Health Policy

Hospital Services

  • Acute Stabilization of Psychiatric Illnesses
  • Forensic Services
  • Continuity of Care, Aftercare Planning and Community Integration
  • Psycho-education for those with addictions or substance abuse
  • Partner with local ADM Boards, private hospitals and others, such as jails.
  • Encompasses six regional psychiatric hospitals and community support networks (small number of ACT Teams and residential group homes.

Medical Director


"The medical director shall be responsible for decisions relating to medical diagnosis, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, quality assurance, and the clinical aspects of mental health and addiction services. This includes licensure of hospitals, and residential and outpatient facilities, research, community plans, and delivery of services."

Serve as a clinical resource and good partner to the field and within MHAS:

  • State and private hospitals
  • Community providers
  • Other human service agencies and departments
  • Public Officials
  • Advocacy groups
  • Patients, families and others, especially children and youth
  • Assure that treatment is timely and competent and that safety of those treated and the public is preserved

Selected Areas of Focus

  • Provide medical leadership and maintain patient access, patient and staff safety, and high quality care in MHAS regional psychiatric hospitals
  • Trauma and culturally competent care
  • Behavioral healthcare resource registry network development (B-CON Network)
  • Increase collaboration with the criminal justice system
  • Telemedicine and use of technology in behavioral healthcare
  • Promote early identification of behavioral health conditions, improve access to treatment and quality of care for children and adolescents
  • Continued collaboration on approaches to the opioid epidemic and suicide prevention


Legal and Regulatory Services

  • Legal Services
  • Licensure and Certification