For people with mental health and substance use disorders, meaningful employment can play a vital role in recovery including feelings of accomplishment, connection, and purpose. OhioMHAS promotes the philosophy that work is recovery and encourages community behavioral health providers to offer community-based employment programs that are grounded in individual choice. The OhioMHAS employment team provides ongoing training, technical assistance and consultation to providers that currently offer or are interested in offering employment services.

Employment Services Gap Funding Opportunity

For Service Providers

Meaningful employment is known to improve the quality of life of people with serious mental health conditions, including those with co-occurring substance use disorders. For this reason, OhioMHAS strongly encourages behavioral agencies to offer Supported Employment (SE) services, including the evidence-based practice of SE, Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

Whether providers are just getting started or further developing existing employment services, OhioMHAS regional consultants are available to provide technical support and assistance. They can help with the stages of implementation for new programs, and with quality improvement and expansion of existing programs. They can also consult on the development of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services and help providers achieve Qualified IPS SE status in Ohio.

For Employers

Need help finding qualified job candidates?

A Supported Employment (SE) specialist canwork with you one-on-one to learn about your workforce needs. As qualified job candidates become available through the SE program, they will be referred to you. When you hire an SE job seeker, both you and your new hire will receive SE supports as needed to make the placement successful.

Who are SE program job seekers?

Job seekers in SE programs are of all ages and employment backgrounds, qualified for employment at varying levels. As people with mental health conditions, they are members of a proven labor pool, known to be long-lasting, hard-working and loyal employees. When employers lack experience with members of this labor pool, the SE specialist is there to support them and help them become successful as a diversity-inclusive workplace.

What is the cost to you, the employer?

Other than the time to meet with the SE specialist, SE program services cost you nothing! You gain steady employees, qualified to do the job and suited to your workplace culture, as well as free consultation over time as needed. You will discover the many benefits of diversity inclusion, including available tax incentives and credits.