2017 Early Childhood Mental Health "Skills to Action" Conference

April 19 - 20, 2017 | Columbus Airport Mariott, Columbus, Ohio

Keynote Plenary: Neal Horen, Ph.D
Expert Panel with Fatherhood Commission: Executive Director Kim Dent; Dr.Valerie Alloy, OhioMHAS ECMH Lead

The 2017 OhioMHAS Early Childhood Mental Health “Skills to Action” Conference showcased local and national speakers whose work supports our youngest children in Ohio, reflecting the Ohio ECMH focus of our increased capacity of trainers and consultants through the Whole Child Matters initiative.

The keynote and plenary speakers highlighted the issues impacting the infant and early childhood landscape to include: genetics, environment and protective factors; the importance of wellness and how it affects the life trajectory; the Georgetown Model’s Technical Assistance for Children’s Mental Health; Implicit/Unconscious Bias; and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy statement on media and young minds.


Below are the materials from the 2017 Early Childhood Skills to Action Conference:


PowerPoint Presentations: