Specialized Dockets

Specialized DocketsIn response to Ohio’s opioid epidemic, OhioMHAS created the Specialized Dockets Subsidy Project. This project assists drug courts and other specialized dockets with funding to effectively manage addicted offenders in the community. As a result, fewer people are committed to the state prison system. Specialized dockets that target addicted parents charged with abuse, neglect or dependency of their minor children were also eligible for funding. These programs reduce the number of children who are permanently removed from their homes and, instead, increase the number of children who can remain in their homes with protective supervision provided by child protective services agencies.

Governor DeWine made increasing specialized dockets a priority for SFYs 2020/2021. As a result, forty-two (42) additional specialized dockets began receiving funding from the Department. A total of 183 projects received awards. The average award was $36,038.

SFY 2020 Specialized Dockets Subsidy Project Highlights

  • 136 specialized dockets provided services to 7,056 adult offenders
  • Only 2% of the 3,129 high-risk/high-need adults discharged from these programs were committed to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction institutions
  • Along with traditional drug court services, veterans received peer mentoring services from local Veterans Justice Outreach (VJO) Programs
  • 24 family drug courts served 599 parents
  • 295 children were reunited with the 281 parents who were discharged from the family drug courts, with child protective service involvement
  • 414 adolescent offenders were served by 23 specialized dockets operated by juvenile courts
  • Of the 206 high-risk/high-need youth discharged, only 2% were committed to Ohio Department of Youth Services institutions

The following table shows the number of each type of specialized docket funded through this project:

76 Adult Drug Courts
28 Adult Mental Health Courts
16 Veterans Courts
5 Adult Re-entry Courts
4 Adult Domestic Violence Courts
4 OVI Courts
3 Adult Human Trafficking Courts
24 Family Drug Courts
15 Juvenile Drug Courts
5 Juvenile Mental Health Courts
2 Juvenile Re-entry Courts
1 Juvenile Human Trafficking Courts