OhioMHAS PASRR Transitions to New Vendor

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) transitioned its Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level II - Serious Mental Illness (SMI) assessments to be provided by Ascend, a MAXIMUS Company on Monday, July 1st.

The Ascend team looks forward to building relationships with the state's provider community to ensure individuals receive the services and supports they need. As part of that goal, sharing helpful resources and fostering open lines of communication will always remain a priority. You will find some important updates below on the minor process changes you can expect post-transition, details on next steps, and more about Ascend.

What Changed? Contacts & Assessor Network

Ohio facilities can expect minimal changes from the current referral process. These include:

  • Faxing Referrals
    If you need to submit a referral via fax, the number has changed. Please submit to:
    • Fax: 877-431-9568
  • Support Resources
    If you have inquiries on referrals submitted after 07/01 or general questions about PASRR processes, contact the Ascend Ohio PASRR HelpDesk team:
  • New Assessors
    The other notable change will be the assessors coming to your facility for onsite visits. After July 1st, a network of qualified independently contracted assessors working with the Ascend team will schedule and conduct evaluations, whenever a Level II is deemed the appropriate next step.
What Remains the Same? HENS Process

HENS will accept applications after the July 1 transition date. Providers are encouraged to continue using this established process and submit their applications through the HENS system moving forward.

About Ascend

Ascend, a MAXIMUS Company, formerly Ascend Management Innovations, comes to its new PASRR Level II - SMI assessments role with previous experience as Ohio's first centralized PASRR partner, from 2009-2015. The company has been nationally recognized for its work with states across the country to manage complex programs and ensure that individuals receive the appropriate care and supports necessary to improve their quality of life. Enduring commitment to process innovation and service excellence has led the company to a role as the industry's leading provider of high-quality, conflict free assessment services for persons with intellectual, behavioral health, and developmental disabilities, as well as older adults and individuals with physical disabilities and complex medical conditions.


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