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Ohio Judicial Symposium on Opiate Addiction

2014 Judicial Symposium Connected Criminal Justice and Addiction Experts

The Judicial Symposium on Opiate Addiction took place in Columbus on June 302014. Representatives of 83 counties took part in the all-day event, including common pleas and municipal court judges, sheriffs, county commissioners, prosecutors, parole and probation officers, and county Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services board staff. Gov. John R. Kasich, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, and Attorney General Mike DeWine all delivered remarks underlining the importance of local efforts to combat opiate and heroin addiction. Attendees also learned about the impact of specialty docket drug courts from judges and addiction experts who are successfully turning around the lives of people with addiction. Participants gathered in regional groups to discuss how such efforts could be undertaken in their own communities to facilitate more effective integration between the criminal justice and addiction treatment systems.

Remarks and Presentations from the Symposium

Remarks by Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, The Supreme Court of Ohio
Remarks by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
Remarks by Ohio Governor John R. Kasich
Understanding Addiction: Squirrel Logic, Brad Lander, Ph.D., LICDC: Slides and video
A Safer Ohio, Ohio Department of Public Safety Director John BornSlides
Ohio's Opiate Epidemic, Governor's Cabinet Opiate Action Team Director Orman Hall and Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Director Gary MohrSlides and video
Best Practices (and worst) in OBOMT, Ted Parran, JR., M.D., FACP: Slides and video

Judicial Panel Resources and Handouts

Judical Panel: What's Working in Ohio video
Panelist Biographies
Case Scenarios
Defining Drug Courts: The Key Components, U.S. Department of Justice
Planning document 1 – County team report form
Planning document 2 – SWOT and Team Planning Worksheet
Planning document 3 – Post Symposium Plan

Other Video Links

Face the Facts: Ohio's Opiate Story (statistics)
Marin's Story: The Battle Against Heroin (family)
The Faces Behind the Facts (recovery)
Making a Difference (judicial)



Since 2000, the number of prison inmates using opiates upon intake has risen 500%.