Opioid Online Learning Series

Opioid Online Training SeriesAs part of the State Targeted Response/CURES grant from SAMHSA, The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) sponsored the development of a 23-part online curricula.  The curricula focuses on the nature of addiction and its impact, as well as treatment and best practices for treating opioid use disorder ( in a variety of settings.  Courses highlight evidence-based practices for utilizing medication assisted treatment (MAT) and provide medical setting specific protocols. 

Each course is approximately one hour in length and serves as a standalone module that can be taken in conjunction with the full series.  As a whole, the series is intended to provide general education about addiction, while also offering discipline specific information for a large variety of systems that encounter individuals with an opioid use disorder. 


  •    Basics of MAT 
  •    Behavioral Health Treatment for People with Opioid Addiction 
  •    Best Practices in Urine Drug Screens for Addiction
  •    Best Prescribing Practices for Opioids
  •    Criminal Justice and MAT 
  •    Fundamentals of Addiction 
  •    Fundamentals of Prevention of Opioid Abuse & Dependence
  •    Getting a Physician Practice Ready for OBOT 
  •    Managing Pain in Patients with Opioid Use Disorders 
  •    MAT and Child Welfare Professionals 
  •    MAT and Pregnancy 
  •    MAT in Adolescent Medical Settings 
  •    MAT in Emergency Department Settings 
  •    MAT in General Primary Care and Family Practice Settings 
  •    MAT in Obstetric Settings 
  •    MAT in Psychiatric Settings 
  •    MAT in Recovery Housing 
  •    Secondary trauma for Administrators/Organization Transformation 
  •    Secondary Trauma for Child Welfare Workers
  •    Self-Care for Foster Parents: Preventing Secondary Trauma 
  •    Trauma Informed Approaches 
  •    Vicarious Trauma for First Responders 
  •    Vicarious Trauma for Peer Support Workers