Access Success Funding Supports Discharge

Access Success funds are one-time, short-term resources that can support a patient at discharge from a state-run psychiatric hospital. They are often are used to meet the needs of the individual for suitable housing, food, clothing, furnishings and other basic items, allowing for a smooth transition back into his or her community.

Funds can also be used to obtain therapeutic services or devices that have been found to help the patient maintain stability. The goal of the program is to help the patient address any physical, emotional or psychological needs between the time of discharge and their eligibility for other benefits to provide for these needs.

This program was started in State Fiscal Year 2016 because a lack of these necessities can be a barrier to discharge or a cause of future inpatient psychiatric admissions. During that first year, more than 35 patients tapped into these funds for community reintegration. In the first half of SFY 2017, 30 patients had already benefitted.

Application for funds must be completed by a treatment provider or county board in collaboration with one of OhioMHAS's six state-run Regional Psychiatric Hospitals.

Other partners in the program include the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.