Waiting List

Beginning July 1, 2017, Ohio Revised Code section (ORC) 5119.362 requires that all community addiction services providers maintain a waiting list for opioid and co-occurring drug addiction services and recovery supports. The waiting list data is due to the department monthly by the 30th day. The waiting list data collected in July would be due to the department by August 30.

ORC 5119.363 requires OhioMHAS to adopt rules regarding the duties of community addiction services providers related to the waiting list. The administrative rule and the appendix that have been filed with JCARR are listed below.

Also below are instructions for the waiting list along with a reporting template that captures the required elements of the administrative rule and statute. Providers may submit the information to OhioMHAS using the form or they may send the data in through an extract. If you plan on utilizing an extract please contact Laura Potts.

In addition, OhioMHAS has developed a training related to the waiting list requirements. See below for the video and PowerPoint presentation.

Finally, any waiting list questions can be sent to Lois Hochstetler at Lois.Hochstetler@mha.ohio.gov.