Licensure of Residential Facilities

Reportable and Six Month Reportable Incidents

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Seclusion and Restraint Report

Report a Complaint

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Standards and Rules Webinars

Resident Rights - Residential Facility & Board Client Rights and Grievance Procedure
Presented February 15, 2012, by Kathryn Remer, Consumer Advocacy & Protection Specialist, and Janel M. Pequignot, Chief, Standards Development and Administrative Rules

Seclusion and Restraint: Ohio Administrative Code for Community Mental Health Agencies & Type 1 Residential Facilities
Presented December 19, 2011, by Janel M. Pequignot, Chief, Standards Development and Administrative Rules

Incident Notification & Risk Management Rule Change Webinars
On October 13, 2011 Denise Cole, OhioMHAS Private Psychiatric Services Coordinator and Rob Nugen, OhioMHAS Community Client Safety Manager conducted three webinars to address and explain the upcoming changes to the Incident Reporting rules for private psychiatric hospitals, residential facilities and community agencies. Part 1 is a combined presentation conducted by Ms. Cole and Mr. Nugen addressing definitions and rule changes that are common in all three treatment settings. Part 2 is sub-divided into two breakout sessions: Breakout A: addressed the changes specific to Private Psychiatric Hospitals and Breakout B: addressing changes specific to Community Agencies and Residential facilities. These changes go into effect January 1, 2012.

Incident Reporting Requirements Webinar
On July 15, 2011, Janel M. Pequignot, Chief, OhioMHAS Standards Development and Administrative Rules, conducted a webinar to explain the reduced reporting requirements and other revisions to the Incident Reporting Requirements for both Community Mental Health Agencies and Residential Facilities. These revisions went into effect July 1, 2011.

Communication Updates

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Licensed Residential Facilities

Sample Forms


Information on training and resources for Residential Facilities that are coordinated by OhioMHAS can be located here. The American Red Cross and other entities offer CPR and First Aid training in local communities. Additional training on Residential Facilities, or working with persons with mental illness or substance abuse may be offered in your local community by private behavioral health providers and other organizations. Some events may be listed on the OhioMHAS events calendar.

Questions regarding the scheduling of Residential Facility trainings that are listed on the events calendar, may be directed to 614-424-9252.