Recovery Requires a Community Response to COVID-19

The Recovery Requires a Community program helps individuals with a behavioral health diagnosis by providing financial assistance for transitioning from nursing homes to sustainable community living. The program typically provides one-time or short-term assistance to help with costs associated with challenges to an individual’s ability to live in the most integrated setting. In response to COVID-19, Recovery Requires a Community funds will be permitted for expanded use on a time-limited basis to help individuals at risk of institutionalization by assisting with additional costs, including supplies and other needs, so individuals can remain in the community. The funds may be utilized to support housing providers for individuals living in Class Two Residential Facilities (RF2’s) who are at risk of admission or returning to an institution, such as a nursing facility

Examples of allowable uses of Recovery funds include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning and hygiene supplies to prevent community spread;
  • Food costs due to sheltering in place;
  • Staffing hours to provide increased supervision according to individuals’ health needs and shelter in place requirement; and
  • Other needs that would support RF2 operators in providing safe and healthy housing for individuals in the community.

One funding award of $425 will be permitted for each facility, e.g., an operator who has multiple licensed facilities must submit forms for each RF2. In order to participate, operators must be willing to accept Recovery funds via direct deposit and submit three documents:

  1. COVID-19 Expansion Checklist list
  2. W-9 Form
  3. ACH Enrollment Form with copy of voided check or bank statement

You will find the forms included in this packet, which may be submitted either by email or fax 614-488-4504. Once the forms are submitted, you will receive Recovery funds from Morning Sun, the fiscal management service provider for the program.