Ohio Behavioral Health Information System (OBHIS)

What is OBHIS?

The Ohio Behavioral Health Information System (OBHIS) is the department's upgrade to the OHBH, a client-level episode of care information and outcomes reporting system.

System Features

  • User Interface through I-Portal
  • Active OHBH Accounts transfer to OBHIS
  • Client records verified against MITS, GOSH, SHARES, Heartland, Medicaid Claims in Community Services Data Warehouse
  • Schema versioning on Batch Upload
  • Standardized Administrative Reports through COGNOS Link

Who is Required to Report Client Information in OBHIS?

Providers certified or licensed by OhioMHAS to provide behavioral health services are required under ORC 5119.61 and OAC 5122-28-04 to report Information on

  • all clients treated for a mental health or substance use disorder, when
  • services are covered in whole or part by public funding through
    • Medicaid
    • ADAMH Board
    • OhioMHAS