Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter Training and Professional Development

Peer Recovery Supporter Training
Introduction to the Process - Video

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Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter Training Basics

56 Hour OhioMHAS Integrated Peer Recovery Supporter Training

OhioMHAS supports and coordinates the OhioMHAS Integrated Peer Support Training which offers 16 hours of on-line E-Based Academy courses, 40 hours on in-person peer support training, and an exam for individuals with a direct person lived experience of mental health and/or substance use disorders who are actively in recovery. The 56-hour training helps individuals build the foundation of hard and soft skills needed to offer quality peer support services. This training meets training requirements for the OhioMHAS Peer Recovery Supporter Certification. E-Based Academy course may be accessed at http://www.ebasedacademy.org/Ims/.

Each training applicant must submit two personal references with their training application. Reference forms can be given directly to the individual who is providing a reference. The reference can send the form directly to peerservices@mha.ohio.gov.

OhioMHAS coordinates in-person trainings with Mental Health and Recovery Boards, Peer Run Organizations, and Behavioral Health Providers. We work with OhioMHAS trained facilitators who facilitate trainings based on the region of the state in which they live. If you are interested in applying or scheduling a training, please e-mail peerservices@mha.ohio.gov.

Certified Peer Recovery Supporters must be supervised by individuals who have completed the same 16 hours of E-Based Academy courses as well as the 4 hour in-person OhioMHAS Supervising Peers training. If you are interested in taking the 4 hour in-person training, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/ or e-mail peerservices@mha.ohio.gov. Individuals qualified to supervise certified peer recovery supports must be one of the following: Certified peer recovery supporters must be supervised by an individual who is a Licensed social worker, licensed independent social worker, licensed professional counselor, licensed chemical dependency counselor II; licensed chemical dependency counselor III; licensed professional clinical counselor; licensed independent chemical dependency counselor; licensed marital/family therapist; licensed independent marital and family therapist, Psychologist; Psychiatrist OR a peer recovery supporter who has been delivering peer services for five years, as a peer navigator, peer supporter, peer specialist, peer recovery coach, or peer recovery supporter.

eBased Academy Courses

eBased Academy Courses are for individuals applying for the Peer Recovery Supporter 40-hour, in-person training, the Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter Certification and/or for those supervising Ohio Peer Recovery Supporters. Clinicians who supervise Certified Ohio Peer Recovery Supporters may earn up to 14 CEUs for completing these E-Based Academy courses.

eBased Academy courses are FREE of charge. You can register for an eBased Academy username and password at http://www.ebasedacademy.org/lms.

When you complete the courses, please email all 11 certificates of completion to peerservices@mha.ohio.gov.

All 11 certificates of completion MUST be emailed at least 14 days prior to the date of the training or you will be assigned to a different training. 

Required Courses

  1. Introduction to Peer Recovery Support
  2. History of Addiction for Peer Recovery Supporters
  3. Ethics and Boundaries for Peer Recovery Supporters
  4. History of the CSX Movement for Peer Recovery Supporters
  5. Helpful Tips for Peer Recovery Supporters Entering the Workforce
  6. Health and Wellness in Peer Recovery Support
  7. Cultural Competence in Mental Health and Addiction Recovery
  8. Human Trafficking Training for Peer Recovery Supporters
  9. Supervision for Peer Recovery Supporters
  10. Trauma Informed Care in Peer Recovery Support
  11. Ohio S-BIRT: An Introduction to S-BIRT and Motivational Interviewing

OhioMHAS Approved 40-Hour, In-Person Training

  • Examples of approved 40 hour in-person peer services training models include:
    • Appalachian Consulting
    • OhioMHAS Peer Supporter Training
    • Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR)
    • InterNational Association of Peer Specialists (INAPS)
    • Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Certified Peer Specialist training
    • Michigan Department of Community Health Peer Support Specialist Training
    • North Carolina Peer Support Specialists training
    • Arizona Peer Specialist Training
    • Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) 40 hour training
  • If you have taken or are interested in taking a training not listed, please contact the Bureau of Recovery Supports (ohiopeersupport@mha.ohio.gov) to ensure the training meets core competencies required by OhioMHAS.

Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter Re-Certification

Peer Recovery Support Certifications are good for a period of 2 years. Certified Peer Recovery Supporters will complete the re-certification application 60 days prior to the date the certification expires. Applicants will need to submit proof of completion of 30 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEU) to include trainings on trauma informed care and ethics and boundaries. CEU hours that can count towards the recertification must be earned between the effective date of the certification and date the recertification application is submitted.

Remaining in Good Standing

As with other professional and licensure and certifications, it is necessary for individuals to remain in good standing in order to maintain certification. The Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter Code of Ethics is the professional standard of conduct for certification. When working for a provider, Consumer Operated Service, or other organization, it is crucial to abide by the organization’s Employee Code of Conduct and the OhioMHAS Certified Peer Recovery Supporter Code of Ethics.

Supervising Peer Recovery Supporters

An essential component to the incorporation of Peer Recovery Supporters in any organization is regular supervision. In making the decision to assign a supervisor Peer Recovery Supporters, take the following variables into account. The potential supervisor should:

  • have a thorough understanding of and believe in recovery,
  • believe sharing lived experience is helpful,
  • be available for regular supervision, and
  • supervise no more than five Certified Peer Recovery Supporters.

Organizations interested in becoming certified for peer services may apply after July 1, 2016. In order to be certified, organizations must employ Certified Peer Recovery Supporters. Individuals who supervise peers must either be, at minimum, and individual who:

  1. has been delivering peer services for five years, as a peer navigator, peer supporter, peer specialist, peer recovery coach, or peer recovery supporter; have completed the sixteen-hour on-line e-based academy courses offered through the Ohio department of mental health and addiction services, and have completed the four hour in-person supervising peers training by Ohio department of mental health and addiction services recovery support staff; or,
  2. is a clinician with one of the following licenses:
  1. Licensed social worker;
  2. Licensed independent social worker;
  3. Licensed professional counselor;
  4. Licensed chemical dependency counselor II;
  5. Licensed chemical dependency counselor III;
  6. Licensed professional clinical counselor;
  7. Licensed independent chemical dependency counselor;
  8. Licensed marital and family therapist;
  9. Licensed independent marital and family therapist
  10. Psychologist; or,
  11. Psychiatrist.

Supervisors must complete the 16 hours of eBased Academy courses specific to peer services and complete the four-hour, in-person OhioMHAS Effective Supervision of Peers training. Fourteen of the 16 hours of eBased Academy courses provide Continuing Education Credits. Individuals interested in supervising Peer Recovery Supporters may begin taking the eBased Academy on-line courses by visiting http://www.ebasedacademy.org/lms/. Please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/ or the OhioMHAS training calendar for scheduled trainings. If you have questions about supervision, please e-mail ohiopeercertification@mha.ohio.gov.

Guidance for Supervisors of Peer Recovery Supporters:

  • After each eBased Academy module, complete the survey and download the certificate of completion and print.
  • Once you attend the 4 hours in person Supervisory training for PRS, you will receive a “Certificate of Attendance.
  • Place a copy of the 16 hours of eBased Academy courses (11 certificates) and a copy of “Certificate of Attendance” of the 4 hour in person training in your agencies Human Resource personal file.

OhioMHAS Peer Certification and Supervisory Database

Technical Assistance through The P.E.E.R. Center

OhioMHAS has partnered with The P.E.E.R. Center to provide technical assistance and “Implementation of Peer Supporters into the Work Place” training to Ohio's agencies.

Send and email to this address to request a training.