Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR)

Introduction to PASRR

PASRR Rules and Regulations


The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), the Ohio Department of Developmental Disability (DODD) and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) conducted three (3) webinars in December to focus on the Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) rule changes.

These changes were made as a result of the five-year rule review process, as well as to align state and federal regulations. A few of the changes include terminology changes, definition changes, and removing redundant language. Facilities will also be required to submit all level changes via the Healthcare Electronic Notification System (HENS).

The Mental Health rule governing PASRR can be found in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC), under 5122-21-03. Two significant changes were made to this rule. 

First, a section of definitions was added at the beginning of the rule to clarify PASRR processes and concepts related to Serious Mental Illness (SMI). These definitions help ensure consistency with the Medicaid PASRR rules and federal PASRR regulations.

Second, the definition of Specialized Services was revised. Specialized Services can now be provided while the individual is a resident of the Nursing Facility (NF), removing the previous requirement that Specialized Services must be provided in an inpatient setting. In addition, the new rule requires that any Specialized Service recommendations made in the PASRR determination must be incorporated into the resident’s care plan. These changes will support “…the aggressive implementation of an individualized plan of care…” for each NF resident with PASRR-related disabilities.

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