About OhioMHAS Programs

About OhioMHAS

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) is a cabinet-level State agency that oversees Ohio’s behavioral health system. The director of OhioMHAS, Lori Criss, reports directly to Governor Mike DeWine, and the OhioMHAS leadership team assists Director Criss in the day-to-day decision making.

OhioMHAS formed as a result of the merging of the former departments of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services and Mental Health, creating a single agency that delivers a wide variety of services to Ohioans affected by addiction and mental illness. No direct service is offered to clients at its downtown Columbus location. The work that takes place at “Central Office” is administrative and focuses on planning, policy-writing, funding, licensing the almost 1000 facilities statewide where direct service is offered and providing leadership.

Office of Hospital Services

The OhioMHAS Office of Hospital Services operates the six regional psychiatric hospitals across the state. These specialized facilities provide short-term, intensive treatment to patients in both inpatient and community-supported environments. They also deliver comprehensive care to patients committed by criminal courts.

Office of the Medical Director

The OhioMHAS Office of the Medical Director provides medical/clinical perspective to policy and administrative issues as well as oversight of statewide initiatives, client rights issues and correctional recovery services. It leads strategies to address behavioral health concerns such as the opioid epidemic, suicide prevention and early-onset psychosis, and works closely with the Office of Hospital Services to provide clinical oversight and support to the State’s six psychiatric hospitals.

Bureau of Licensure and Certification

The OhioMHAS Bureau of Licensure and Certification oversees Ohio’s community mental health agencies’ required certification and residential facilities’ required licensure. Certification and licensure include on-site surveys, inspections and reviews to determine compliance with the applicable administrative rules. These processes happen every three years, two years or annually, depending on facility type and the nature of services offered.

Office of Treatment and Recovery Services

The OhioMHAS Office of Treatment and Recovery Services trains clinicians through the Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Agreement, the MOMS Program and the Trauma-Informed Care Initiative. It coordinates the Indigent Driver Fund and Driver Intervention Program, various partnerships with the criminal justice system and the state’s initiatives to fight opiate and prescription drug abuse. This office also implements a vast statewide network of recovery supports, including the peer support system.

Office of Quality, Planning and Research

The OhioMHAS Office of Quality, Planning and Research conducts primary and secondary research on public behavioral health systems and practices. Findings are reported in professional journals and networks and are used to inform departmental policy and practice. It also gathers and analyzes data as a means of securing federal funding, addressing health disparities and setting state priorities.

Office of Prevention and Wellness

The OhioMHAS Office of Prevention and Wellness manages programs designed to stave off the onset of substance use, suicide, problem gambling and other high-risk behaviors in the general population and specifically among several target populations including pregnant women, parents, young children, teens and ethnic minorities. It also coordinates efforts to establish wellness programs in schools, communities and workplaces.

Office of Human Resources

The OhioMHAS Office of Human Resources recruits qualified people who are committed to making a difference in the lives of Ohioans. Visit careers.ohio.gov for a list of available positions and a description of the State of Ohio Total Rewards package.

Office of Financial Management

The OhioMHAS Office of Financial Management administers the grant funding process and disburses funding to local behavioral health authorities and provider agencies.

Office of Public Affairs

The OhioMHAS Office of Public Affairs maintains the department’s website and calendar, issues eUpdates, News Now, annual reports and press releases, and coordinates all written, visual and electronic communications. It is also the conduit to the State Legislature. See archived news information.

Opiate Action Team

The Opiate Action Team serves as Ohio’s front line in combating the opioid epidemic. It is charged with education, advocacy and reporting to assist prescribers, law enforcement, toxicologists and other cabinet-level agencies in developing best practices to reduce dependency and misuse of opiates and prescription painkillers.

Office of Information Services

The Office of Information Services provides internal and external access and support for infrastructure and web applications.