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Ohio expands Trauma-Informed Care Initiative to promote health

Exposure to trauma is widespread and is a major contributor to illness and high healthcare costs. The majority of individuals with mental illness and substance use disorders have experienced trauma. These experiences are also common among youth in foster care systems. Recognizing that addressing trauma can positively impact the physical, behavioral, social and economic health of Ohio and Ohioans, OhioMHAS is working with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to advance Trauma Informed Care (TIC) as an urgent and collective public health concern. Our goal is to expand opportunities for Ohioans to receive trauma-informed interventions by enhancing efforts for practitioners, facilites and agencies to become competent in trauma-informed care. A Statewide Advisory Committee was recently convened to assist OhioMHAS and DODD. Learn more on the TIC Initiative Page.


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