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Ohio Behavioral Health Information System (OBHIS)

Rebuilding and Expanding the OHBH...

In Fiscal Year 2017 the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services focused resources on a system to replace the OHBH, a client-level episode of care information system used primarily by the state’s substance abuse treatment providers. The rebuilt system - OBHIS - will collect client-level information on both substance abuse and mental health consumers from provider organizations funded in whole or part by public dollars.

Go Live Date

OhioMHAS IT use agile project development that involves customer collaboration at each phase of development.  Project completion will be determined in phases by successful implementation of working software. 

Providers are encouraged to watch this page for updates and to contact Carol Carstens at to participate in beta testing.


Carol Carstens
Manager for Outcomes & System Performance

Beth Gersper
Quality Assurance Administrator

Nick Martt
Business Application Support

OBHIS Wrok Flow

OBHIS Additional Information


  • SAMSHA’s Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment (SAPT) and Mental Health (MH) Block Grants funds Ohio providers with a combined $80 million dollars annually.  The SAPT and MH Block Grants each require that OhioMHAS submit a client-level file called the Treatment Episode Dataset with Mental Health records (TEDS-MH).
    • OBHIS will collect the National Outcome Measures (NOMs) for both Substance Abuse and Mental Health treatment, making it possible to compare Ohio’s behavioral health system performance to other states.
  • The OBHIS rebuild will provide important technical upgrades to the existing system, including a COGNOS reporting link.
  • OBHIS implementation will help operationalize the collection of data as authorized pursuant to ORC 5119.22 and 5119.61.

Records & Requirements

Systems Features

  • User Interface through I-Portal
  • OHBH Accounts transfer to OBHIS
    • New: Application Administrators at each site
  • Client records verified against MITS, GOSH and SHARES
    • Little or no impact from MACSIS phase-out
  • Batch Upload
    • Schema versioning
  • Online Data Entry Template
  • Standardized Administrative Reports
  • COGNOS Reporting Link