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Ohio Behavioral Health (OHBH) System


OHBH PowerPoint

What is it? What is reported? Who reports? How does it work?

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information about the Ohio Behavioral Health (OHBH) system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Department require OHBH reporting of Certified Substance Abuse Treatment Providers?

Click here for Ohio Revised Code Chapters 5119 (OhioMHAS) related to BH outcomes and data collection.

Does the OHBH reporting requirement apply to providers who bill Medicaid?

Click here for requirements regarding the collection of behavioral health data.


Choose Your OHBH Access Need

Is Your Agency New to OHBH Reporting?

Is Your Agency New to OHBH Reporting? 

Registrar's Portal at

A newly enrolling provider should request access to OHBH and User Management as applications. With the User Management request, the registrant should indicate s/he wants to be HR administrator. This allows the registrant to authorize all future access to the OHBH by other staff at the agency.

Click here for the Ohio Behavioral Health Step-by-Step Manual.

Do You Need to Reactivate an Existing Access to the OHBH?

Do You Need to Reactivate an Existing Access to the OHBH?

OHBH access is linked to staff names and email addresses. If a staff member at your agency has had an OHBH account and is still an employee - but hasn't logged in for several months - s/he can email the Help Desk at to reset the account password. 

If the staff member is no longer with your agency and there is no HR Administrator designated for the agency, you will need to register as if your agency is new.



What's Coming?

Ohio Behavioral Health Information System (OBHIS)

Rebuilding and Expanding the OHBH...