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Community Transitions

OhioMHAS is committed to helping individuals with mental illness and substance use disorders explore options for transitioning to the community.  Sometimes individuals with disabilities, including behavioral health, receive treatment in institutions (such as nursing homes and hospitals) and are not living in the most integrated setting.  The goal of Community Transitions is to provide resources to individuals by supporting person-driven transitions to integrated community settings.  Community Transitions programs help individuals by providing financial assistance to help transition from nursing homes or other institutions and live in sustainable community settings.


Residential State Supplement

Residential State Supplement (RSS) provides financial assistance to adults with disabilities to help with accommodations, supervision, and personal care services in eligible living arrangements.  Eligible individuals receive ongoing assistance to live in Class Two Residential Facilities, i.e., Adult Care Facilities.


Recovery Requires a Community
Recovery Requires a Community helps individuals diagnosed with mental health or substance use disorders by providing financial assistance for transitioning from nursing facilities to sustainable community living.  Eligible individuals receive short-term assistance to live in a variety of settings, including independent living.