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Proving Ohio's Program Success (POPS)

The Proving Ohio’s Program Success (POPS) system, in line with the data strategy of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA,) is founded on the collection of outcome measures for all funded services (grants and allocations).   The POPS System represents collaboration between OhioMHAS, ADAMHS/ADAS Boards, and Prevention Providers/Grantees focused on data collection and a range of outcomes required to achieve the overarching vision of
“a comprehensive, accessible, and quality-focused system of addiction and mental health care and wellness for all Ohio citizens.”

The system collects required federal data for the SAPT Block Grant including, demographics, numbers served by strategy, evidence based programs and objectives that can be rolled up into showing achievement in the National Outcome Measures for prevention:

  • abstinence
  • school/employment
  • criminal justice
  • social support/social connectedness 
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