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FAQ - Electronic Eligibility Inquiry (a.k.a. EEI or EXINQ)

(Last Update: November 25, 2003)

Q. I looked up a client in EEI and found the client but there are no eligibility spans. Why?

A. The client probably has a future eligibility date and future eligibility spans are not shown in EEI. Once the client's eligibility span is current, it will show up in EEI. (11-2003)

Q. EEI isn't working. Why?

A. Are other Diamond functions working at that location/desktop? If not, user should contact the board technical liaison to contact the GOSIP group. If other functions are working, report the problem to the MACSIS Support Line as likely EXINQ trouble. (updated 1-2008)

Q. When using EEI, I get “Transmission received – Invalid detail format'. Why won't it return any information?

A. This message is the equivalent of receiving a message “Search completed - No record found'. The application wasn't designed with a descriptive enough reply. A more descriptive reply has been requested in the next modification to this function. (3-2000)

Q. Information in Diamond doesn't agree with information displayed by EEI. Why and what needs to be done to correct it?

A. There are countless reasons as to why it is different. Usually it is because changes in Diamond are restricted to changing the latest eligibility span electronically and therefore the span that needs to be changed cannot be changed during member maintenance. It could also be because the date of birth in Diamond doesn't agree with the date of birth on the MEDELIG file. Changes will not post from the MEDELIG file (which is the information displayed by the EEI) into Diamond if the Medicaid ID and date of birth on both files aren't the same.

If it is not the most recent span, all changes must be made manually (generally by board personnel). This includes changing the line of business portion of the plan (MCD/NON), making sure if the plan is changed to MCD, and placing the Medicaid ID number in the Userdef1 field. (3-2000)

Q. I/We have information from Medifax (or any other third party source) that this client has a Medicaid number or Medicaid card, etc. but why doesn't it show any eligibility span for that same time period in EEI. What is wrong?

A. Usually the client is a QMB client but isn't truly Medicaid eligible. EEI is, as far as we know, the same information as contained on the Recipient Master File. We are interested in any reports where the information is incorrect. The RMF is supposed to contain the latest Medicaid eligibility information available from ODHS. (3-2000)

Q. Information displayed when using EEI doesn't agree with information we have on file. How do we change the information displayed using EEI? (3-2000)

A. The client (sometimes the agency or board) must work with the county human resources office to get the information changed in their system. When the change is sent to the RMF, it will be updated in the MEDELIG file which will display the new information when using the EEI. (3-2000)

Q. When using the EEI process, I can't find the person I am looking for, but am sure this person has a Medicaid ID. What's wrong?

A. Usually the search that was submitted used information different in Diamond than is contained on the Medicaid file. For instance, ODJFS may not have the same social security number, the same date of birth, the same spelling of the last name, etc. It is wise to use more than one search. One of the recommended searches is to use the first one or two letters of the last name and the date of birth. If the person you are looking for isn't found, then use a search on just the social security number. These searches will display all Medicaid ID's for the search criteria submitted and you will see if the client has more than one Medicaid ID. (3-2000)