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NIATx Tools and Resources

NIATX Web Site

Visit the NIATx web site for comprehensive information about the process improvement model along with the current events and resources related to health care reform and much, much, more. The following links are only some of the many resources on the NIATx site for getting started and to learn how NIATx works.

Process Improvement 101

This 60-minute, e-learning course provides an excellent overview of NIATx. The course is divided into seven segments so it can be taken at different times. Begin the course at no charge.

Provider Toolkit

Click here to learn “The NIATx Way” and tools and techniques.

System-level Toolkit

The STAR-SI project is featured and other factors related to system change such as leadership, payer-provider relationship, performance management and improving outcomes are available. Click here.

Process Improvement Toolbox

For a more detail explanation of the tools and techniques, click here.

Getting Started Tips

Participants were asked to identify solutions for five scenarios at state-sponsored trainings regarding:
  1. CEO Buy-in and Involvement
  2. Time Management
  3. Motivating Teams
  4. Data Analysis and
  5. Beginning New Projects
Follow this link to read about the results.

Promising Practices

Click here to learn about others’ changes that have been tested and have shown improvement.

NIATx on YouTube

On the NIATx web site there are several discussions about topics related to implementation such as members’ stories, walk-through myths, how to find time to do NIATx and getting unstuck. View the YouTube videos.

Prevention-Specific Items

Some of the tools used with treatment have been modified or recreated for use with prevention. These instruments are work in-process; therefore, they may change over time based upon the experience and findings of the prevention pilot project.
Prevention Walk-through Worksheet
NIATx Planning Guide for Prevention
Change Project Form