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Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Information
Prescription Drug Plan Finder
The Prescription Drug Plan Finder, available at on behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), helps train local partners, such as state health insurance assistance programs, senior centers, faith-based organizations and others who assist beneficiaries in learning more about drug plans.  Medicare beneficiaries can get the same information by calling 1-800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227).
Other Resources
  • Specific brochures and publications to help people with Medicare learn more about prescription drug plans, how to compare plans and how to apply for the extra help, such as the "Getting Started" brochure
  • The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Cost Estimator, which provides beneficiaries with an example of potential savings they can anticipate with Medicare prescription drug coverage
  • The BenefitsCheckUpRx for people with Medicare, which is an online service that helps people assess current prescription drug coverage, find out what part Medicare coverage someone is likely eligible for, learn their rights and options based on their situation and help them take the next step, including enrollment in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan – if that is the right decision for them individually
  • A Landscape of Local Plans that shows the Medicare plans that offer drug coverage in a beneficiary's area, including basic information to help them consider the cost, coverage and convenience of the plan
  • The Formulary Finder, which allows a user to enter a typical combination of drugs used by people with a certain condition to find out which plans in an area have formularies that cover these drugs
  • The Medicare & You 2006 Handbook (large file),  which provides a summary of Medicare benefits, rights and protections and answers to the most frequently asked questions about Medicare.