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Residency Dispute Determination (RDD) Process

It is the responsibility of each Board to pay for the necessary and contracted services for each member of their behavioral health care system.  Membership in a county's community behavioral health system of care is determined by a person's legal residence within a county in the state of Ohio.  Residency determinations are for all behavioral health care services: mental health and drug/alcohol.  There is no difference in residency determinations or assignments based on clinical needs and presentation of a client.  Following are governing documents for this process:

Procedure to Utilize the Residency Dispute Determination Process

For confidentiality reasons, all RDD Requests need to be submitted in a hard copy format.  RDD Requests will only be accepted during normal state business hours - Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M., except state holidays. To submit a request:

  • Download the Residency Dispute Determination Request Form
  • A dialog box will appear asking if you want to open or save the form.
  • Select Save the form to disk.
  • Open the form within a word processing application and save it under another name so that you can use the original form again.
  • When the form is completed fax it to 6l4-995-5870, e-mail submission of RDD Requests will not be processed.

For more information, please direct all inquiries or concerns to:

OhioMHAS- Carrol Hernandez, Asst. Deputy Director, Program and Policy Development, 614-466-8641
OhioMHAS - Jim Lapczynski,  Chief Legal, 614-728-5599

We encourage all Boards to work cooperatively and collaboratively with the enrollment centers and provider agencies to swiftly resolve the majority of residency issues at the local level. Ensuring that necessary and continuous mental health services are delivered and paid for in an effective, efficient and accountable way should be the prime goal for all involved in the Residency Dispute Determination process.