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Ohio's Pharmacy Service Center

Ohio's Pharmacy Service Center (OPSC) provides pharmaceuticals to governmental and qualifiying entities in Ohio. Over-the-counter drugs, medical and laboratory supplies, personal care products and forms are also stocked. Customers can pick and choose, selecting only the items they need. OPSC maintains economical procurement by utilizing state term contracts; accepting and processing returns of overstocked merchandise; providing customers with management reports for inventory control and analysis; and minimizing purchasing activities and inventories at customer locations. Additional services include responding to drug information requests; providing requested medical journal articles; distributing newsletters that address issues of interest to health care professionals; assisting in the development of drug utilization evaluation criteria, and providing in-service training on medication issues.

If you are interested in purchasing through OPSC for a state facility, county health department, free clinic, non-profit, city/county jail, or other entity covered under ORC 5119.44, contact us.

Sue Griffith, Chief
2150 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43223
Telephone: 614-752-0115
Fax: 614-752-0135