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Central Pharmacy Outpatient

Central Pharmacy Outpatient (CPO) was established in 1972 by a group responsible for the "Development of Effective Methods of Distribution of Psychotropic Drugs to Needy Patients." CPO assists Community Mental Health Boards with the economic purchase and dispensing of psychotropic medications to needy clients meeting specific clinical and income eligibility criteria. Cost containment features assist community boards and agencies in controlling expenditures and providing cost-effective services:

  • State Wide Drug Contract Pricing
  • Formulary Utilization
  • Use of Generic Medications
  • Medication Utilization Reviews-Concurrent and Retrospective
  • Return of Medication for Credit (Special Exemption form State of Ohio Pharmacy Board)
  • Detailed monthly budget reports

CPO operates a mail order pharmacy to provide patient labeled psychotropic medications to Community Mental Health Agencies. Community Mental Health Boards designate which Community Mental Health Agencies will participate in the program and establish the clinical and income criteria to be followed when qualifying patients for the program. Although patient eligibility is based on income and clinical characteristics as established by the board and agency, the Federal Poverty Guidelines, published by the federal government, contain general income eligibility guidelines. In addition to meeting income eligibility, the client should be (1) an adult with a severe mental disability or a child/ adolescent with a severe emotional disturbance; (2) at risk of hospitalization if the medications were discontinued; or (3) recently released from a mental health inpatient facility (within a three-month period prior to eligibility determination).

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