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Licensure of Adult Care Facilities and Adult Foster Homes
Adult Care Facilities (ACFs) and Adult Foster Homes (AFoHs) are residential care homes licensed by OhioMHAS for the purpose of providing accommodations, supervision and personal care services to unrelated adults. Facilities receive a two-year license to operate after complying with the statutory requirements prescribed in the Ohio Revised Code and the rules set forth in the Ohio Administrative Code. Operators must undergo a comprehensive onsite inspection of the home in which inspectors verify the safe and sanitary condition of the facility, the capability of the operator and staff to meet their responsibilities in providing supervision and personal care services and the appropriateness of the placement of each resident in the adult care setting. ACFs and AFoHs that serve residents with serious mental illness have an additional obligation by rule to have staff and managers oriented to the care and supervision needs of these residents and to require specific training on an annual basis relevant to persons with a diagnosis of mental illness residing in the facility.
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Applicable Rules for Adult Care Facilities

5122-33-01 Definitions
5122-33-02 General Prohibitions
5122-33-03 License application and renewal procedures
5122-33-04 Application review process
5122-33-05 Issuance, renewal, and denial of licenses
5122-33-06 Inspections; access to facilities; standards of conduct
5122-33-07 Notice of violations and opportunity to correct
5122-33-08 Change in statement of ownership; closure, transfer, or sale of facility
5122-33-09 Fire protection standards for adult family homes
5122-33-10 Building and fire safety requirements for adult group homes
5122-33-11 Water, sewage and plumbing requirements for adult care facilities
5122-33-12 Facility management responsibilities
5122-33-13 General staffing requirements
5122-33-14 Additional staffing requirements
5122-33-15 Recordkeeping
5122-33-16 Resident agreement; other information to be provided upon admission
5122-33-17 Personal care services; resident medications; home health care
5122-33-18 Resident's assessment; mental health plan for care
5122-33-19 Changes in residents' physical health and behavioral status; incidents
5122-33-20 Dietary services
5122-33-21 Laundry services; activities; resident property
5122-33-22 Space, equipment, safety, and sanitation
5122-33-23 Residents' rights
5122-33-24 Transfer and discharge rights
5122-33-25 Waivers
5122-33-26 Imposition of civil penalties
5122-33-27 Suspending admission of residents to an adult care facility
5122-33-28 Background investigations for employment.

Applicable Rules for Adult Foster Homes

Applications and Agreements

Adult Care Facilities (ACFs) are Adult Family Homes (AFHs) and Adult Group Homes (AGHs) that provides accommodations and supervision to unrelated adults to at least three of whom require personal care services. 

Please note: The Department may request to review your rental/lease agreement regarding the "terms" and or "use" of the anticipated residence or facility.

Facsimiles are not accepted and an incomplete application packet will be returned.


Adult Foster Home (1-2 Residents)

An Adult Foster Homes (AFoHs) provide accommodations, supervision and personal care for one to two unrelated adults.

Adult Foster Home (1-2 Residents):

Initial Application Requirements

Adult Family Home (3-5 Residents)

Adult Family Home (3-5 Residents):

Initial Application Requirements

Renewal Application or Changes

Adult Group Home (6-16 Residents)

Adult Group Home (6-16 Residents):

Initial Application Requirements

Renewal Application and Changes

Facsimiles are not accepted and an incomplete application packet will be returned.

Communication Updates

Adult Care Facility, Adult Foster Home, and Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3 Residential Facility Providers

Beginning January 1, 2018, all residential rules will be contained in Ohio Administrative Code OAC chapter 5122-30. You may access the new OAC chapter 5122-30 rules at this webpage, scrolling to the rules titled "Residential Rules (effective on January 1, 2018)."

2013-2014 Adult Care Facility Critical Repair Funding Announcement

Due to the success of the 2011-2012 Adult Care Facility Critical Repair Grant, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) approved an amount of $320K from the Ohio Housing Trust Fund to provide additional funding for critical repairs for eligible licensed Adult Care Facilities.  The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHAS) has entered into a partnership to receive this funding award from OHFA to assist with critical repairs to facilities that house persons with very low income and/or disabilities.

Please read the funding guidelines prior to directing questions to the contact listed in the materials.

The funding announcement, guidelines and pre-application are posted on the MHA website.

Complaint and Incident Notification Forms

ACF and AFoH Incident Report Form

Notice: All agencies / facilities who fax their reportable incidents to OhioMHAS should use fax number (614) 485-9737starting December 14, 2012. Remember that after December 14, 2012 the old fax number (614) 387-2987 is disconnected and will not work. If you have any questions please Call Rob Nugen, Community Client Safety Manager at (614) 466-9074.

If you wish to submit a complaint concerning a licensed or certified Ohio Department of Mental Health provider, please complete all applicable fields on the form below and submit. We will respond to all complaints. Thank you.
Complaint Form DMH-LIC-0982 (PDF)

Licensed Adult Care Facilities

Other Forms


Information on training and resources for Adult Care Facility and Adult Foster Homes that is coordinated by OhioMHAS can be located here. The American Red Cross and other entities offer CPR and First Aid training in local communities. Additional training on Adult Care Facilities, or working with persons with mental illness or substance abuse may be offered in your local community by private behavioral health providers and other organizations. Some events may be listed on the OhioMHAS events calendar.

Questions regarding the scheduling of an  Adult Care Facility trainings that are listed on the events calendar, may be directed to (614) 466-9955.