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Adult Care Facilities
Previously known as Adult Care Facilities (Family, and Group), and Adult Foster Homes are now Residential Facilities (effective 1/1/2018)
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Communication Updates

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Complaint and Incident Notification Forms

ACF and AFoH Incident Report Form

Notice: All agencies / facilities who fax their reportable incidents to OhioMHAS should use fax number (614) 485-9737starting December 14, 2012. Remember that after December 14, 2012 the old fax number (614) 387-2987 is disconnected and will not work. If you have any questions please Call Rob Nugen, Community Client Safety Manager at (614) 466-9074.

If you wish to submit a complaint concerning a licensed or certified Ohio Department of Mental Health provider, please complete all applicable fields on the form below and submit. We will respond to all complaints. Thank you.
Complaint Form DMH-LIC-0982 (PDF)

Licensed Adult Care Facilities

Other Forms


Information on training and resources for Adult Care Facility and Adult Foster Homes that is coordinated by OhioMHAS can be located here. The American Red Cross and other entities offer CPR and First Aid training in local communities. Additional training on Adult Care Facilities, or working with persons with mental illness or substance abuse may be offered in your local community by private behavioral health providers and other organizations. Some events may be listed on the OhioMHAS events calendar.

Questions regarding the scheduling of an  Adult Care Facility trainings that are listed on the events calendar, may be directed to (614) 466-9955.