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Community and Family Partnership Team (CFPT)

The Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) Community and Family Partnership Team (CFPT) was designed to increase and strengthen the representation of individuals with lived experience and family members on OhioMHAS committees and workgroups. Team membership includes individuals with lived experience, family members, and OhioMHAS representatives. CFPT funds are used to reimburse for mileage, stipends, books materials, registration and lodging costs for conferences and trainings, and consultation services for Consumer Operated Services.

CFPT Guidelines

CFPT Scholarship Guidelines and Form

CFPT funds will be used to assist individuals with a lived experience of mental illness and/or substance use disorders and family members by reimbursing mileage, hosting in-state conferences, paying for lodging and registration for in-state events, and providing technical assistance.  Scholarship funds are used to support individuals to attend in state trainings and conferences that support community recovery and well as personal recovery. Items that scholarships cover consist of registration, lodging, mileage re-imbursement and books materials for attendee. Recipients of scholarships must agree and adhere to submitting a summary of what they learned and demonstrate how they will share the information.

CFPT Scholarship Guidelines   |   CFPT Scholarship ApplicationCFPT Scholarship Application

CFPT Technical Assistance Guidelines and Form

Technical assistance funds are used to assist individuals and groups develop cohesive groups and boards, education, and skill building focused on leadership and advocacy to enhance the ability to effectively participate in the planning and development of behavioral health policies and services. Priority areas for funding include, but are not limited to, the following topic areas:

  • Developing and/or maintaining Consumer-Operated Services
  • Developing local networks
  • Establishing and implementing communication strategies
  • Accessing local grant monies (Public and Private/Resource Development)
  • Developing a Recovery/Peer-Support Model
  • Incorporating cultural and linguistic competence

CFPT Technical Assistance Guidelines   |   CFPT Technical Assistance Application

CFPT Goals
  • Increase the number of community members with a lived experience and their family members who participate on OhioMHAS workgroups and committees
  • Reduce financial barriers to attend trainings and conferences for individuals with lived experience and their family members
  • Increase opportunities for individuals with lived experience and their family members to bring the voice of their community into OhioMHAS policies, rules and procedures
  • Increase marketing of the CFPT program to increase community opportunities
Helpful Tips for Staying in a Hotel
  • Bring a debit or credit card and photo identification for check in. Debit/credit cards are put on file to cover extra costs associated with the room including movies, telephone calls, fines for smoking in your room, or non-complimentary bottled water.
  • All hotel rooms in Ohio are non-smoking and fines for smoking in your room can range from $250-$350. The hotel will have designated smoking areas outside of the building.
  • Keep your door locked/closed at all times.
  • Do not let anyone who is not registered with you stay in your room. You are responsible for any damage they may cause.
  • Be mindful of your neighbors on your floor and in common areas.
  • Keep your key with you at all times.
  • Call ahead to ask questions. Not all hotels have free breakfasts, free coffee, or free parking.
Instructions for Using the Statehouse Parking Garage

When entering the garage:

  1. Pull up to the ticket box located in front of the gate
  2. Push the button to receive a white parking ticket
  3. Park in a non-reserved parking spot on levels green, yellow or blue
  4. In order to avoid paying to exit the garage, please be sure to obtain a green ticket from the OhioMHAS staff before leaving the Rhodes Tower

*On some occasions, the parking garage may be full. There are numerous metered parking spots near OhioMHAS as well as other parking lots. For individuals eligible for CFPT funding, reimbursement is available with receipt.