Expedited Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overview
The purpose of the OhioMHAS Expedited SSI Program is to reduce the processing time for SSI/SSDI disability determinations for adults with a severe and persistent mental illness. Having access to a cash benefit can be a stabilizing factor for individuals who are do not have a current source of income. Cash benefits, such as SSI/SSDI, can provide a way to pay for housing and food. By reducing the processing time, individuals may have quicker access to cash benefits and stable income.
The Expedited SSI Process

The Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS), in partnership with the Ohio Bureau of Disability Determination (BDD) and the Social Security Administration (SSA), developed an Expedited SSI/SSDI process for people with a severe and persistent mental illness to reduce processing time for disability determination.

For individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness having a source of income can be a stabilizing factor. Individuals who are approved for Expedited SSI/SSDI not only have access to funds to pay for food, clothing, and shelter but they will also have Medicaid to pay for behavioral and physical health appointments. The eligibility criteria for potential applicants can be found in the program guide.

Expedited SSI Providers and Training

OhioMHAS is responsible for training Community Behavioral Health Providers in the state on the Expedited SSI process so they can offer this to eligible individuals.  Community Behavioral Health Providers who are interested in participating in the OhioMHAS Expedited SSI project, may request an in-person training for direct line staff and team leaders. Direct line staff may include, but are not limited to, case managers, peer recovery supporters, and any other staff person that may assist an individual application for benefits.

The training lasts approximately 3 hours and can be facilitated to groups of up to 20 participants. CEUs are available for this training. Please contact Megan McElroy at megan.mcelroy@mha.ohio.gov to learn more about the training.