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What is the Residential State Supplement (RSS) Program?

The Residential State Supplement (RSS) Program provides financial assistance to adults with low incomes who have a disability and/or are over age 60, but who do not require long term care at a nursing home.  Enrolled consumers use RSS, which supplements their income, to pay monthly allowable fees (or “rent”) for accommodations, supervision, and personal care services at eligible community residences.  The program’s goal is to prevent unnecessary institutionalization and help individuals live in community settings.

Please read a brief overview of the RSS Program here. 


 Click here to review the RSS Legislative Process


Am I Eligible to Apply for RSS?

Eligible applicants should be:

  • Age 18 or older;
  • Enrolled in Medicaid (not a waiver program);
  • Receiving Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Supplemental Security Disability Insurance (SSDI); and
  • Currently receiving treatment in a nursing home and planning for discharge.

Once OhioMHAS has determined that the non-financial eligibility criteria have been met, then the individual’s local County Department of Job & Family Services (CDJFS) office determines financial eligibility.

What are the Financial Eligibility Criteria?

OhioMHAS administers the RSS Program and reviews all new applications.  Once the application has been reviewed, the individual’s information is forwarded to his or her local County Department of Job & Family Services (CDJFS) office for a financial eligibility determination.  Once the CDJFS office determines that the applicant’s income is within limits, the applicant is then enrolled in the RSS Program.

  • Financial eligibility depends on the type of community residence selected by the applicant.
  • Individuals who would like to live in an Adult Family or Adult Foster Home may have a monthly income up to $800.
  • Individuals who would like to live in an Adult Group Home or Assisted Living may have a monthly income up to $900.
  • All applicants may have up to $1,500 in assets, regardless of the type of community residence chosen.

*Please note that these figures are estimates and final financial eligibility is determined by the local CDJFS office.

What are Eligible Community Residences?

Enrolled consumers may choose to live in Adult Care Facilities (including Adult Family and Group Homes) or Adult Foster Homes currently licensed by OhioMHAS.  They may also choose to live in Residential Care Facilities or Assisted Living licensed by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).  Please follow the below links for listings of RSS-eligible community residences for new applicants and individuals currently enrolled in the program. 

 Adult Care Facilities Adult Foster Homes   Residential Care/Assisted Living Facilities
 Listed Alphabetically  Listed Alphabetically  Residential Care/Assisted Living Facilities
 Listed by County  Listed by County  

*Please note the listed residences may choose not to accept residents who receive RSS benefits.  Please confirm with the home operator prior to selecting a residence.

How Do I Apply for RSS?

Individuals may submit RSS applications, but frequently legal guardians, discharge planners, and case managers submit applications on behalf of interested consumers.   Please complete the following forms and submit all requested documents via fax to 1-614-485-9747:

Once a complete RSS application is submitted, all forms are reviewed to determine whether the non-financial eligibility criteria are met.  The Housing Resource Administrator typically reviews all completed applications and responds within 5 business days.  Qualifying applications are then forwarded to the local CDJFS office for determination of financial eligibility, including the benefit amount.  Once OhioMHAS and the local CDJFS determine that the eligibility criteria have been met, the individual is then enrolled in the RSS program. 

If you are checking the status of an RSS application or have questions regarding the enrollment process, please
contact the Housing Policy & Resource Administrator via email or call 1-855-777-6364.

What Happens After I Am Enrolled?

Once the application process has been completed, the initial RSS benefit should be received within one month after moving into the eligible community residence.  If a representative payee or legal guardian was listed on the program application, that individual or agency should receive the payment on the enrolled consumer’s behalf.  A third-party payee is needed for RSS only if those services are utilized for the individual’s Social Security, SSI and/or SSDI benefits.

*Please note that the home operator should not be listed as the individual’s representative payee for RSS benefits.

In order to remain enrolled, consumers must continue to meet all non-financial eligibility criteria and participate in financial eligibility redeterminations as required by their local CDJFS office.  Also, it is recommended that the individual make arrangements for direct deposit of his or her RSS benefits with the local CDJFS office.  

What Happens If I Have a Change in Status?

Examples of changes in status include, but are not limited to, moving to another eligible community residence, admission to a nursing home or hospital (“Bed Hold”), changes in income, and changes in payeeship or guardianship.  Enrolled consumers are required to report changes in status to their local CDJFS office within ten days.  Status changes should also be communicated as soon as possible to prevent delays in receiving RSS benefits by contacting the Housing Policy & Resource Administrator via email or calling 1-855-777-6364.

How Much is My Allowable Fee?

The maximum allowable fee or “rent” that the community residence may charge individuals enrolled in RSS depends upon the facility’s type of licensure.  The residence must accept the allowable fee as payment in full for the accommodations, supervision, and personal care services provided to the resident.  The monthly allowable fees according to type of living arrangement are listed in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 5122-36 as follows:

  • Adult Family Home                                      $774
  • Adult Foster Home                                      $774
  • Adult Group Home                                      $877
  • Residential Care Facility/Assisted Living         $877

Please confirm the home’s licensure type by checking the listings in the “What Are Eligible Community Residences?” section.

If you are seeking information regarding the licensure of Adult Care Facilities (including Adult Family and Group Homes) or Adult Foster Homes, please visit the OhioMHAS Office of Licensure & Certification’s webpage.

If you are seeking information regarding the licensure of Residential Care Facilities/Assisted Living, please visit the Ohio Department of Health’s website.

I Am No Longer Enrolled in RSS – Where Should I Return My Check?

Please write the check(s) as payable to “Ohio Treasurer of State”.  In the memo portion of the check, include:

  • Consumer's Full Name
  • Consumer’s social security number
  • Dates of the time period for which the returned RSS payment covers. 

Please mail the returned RSS payment(s) to:

ODJFS/Office of Fiscal Services
    P.O. Box 182367
    Columbus, OH 43218-2367

Where Can I Find RSS Program Announcements?

How Do I Access Information About Other Services?

How Do I Contact OhioMHAS?

For more information about the RSS Program, please contact the Housing Policy & Resource Administrator via email or call 1-855-777-6364.