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Budget and Legislation

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) Public Affairs Acting Deputy Director Jamie Carmichael and Legislative Liaison Stephen Wilson provide active participation in the legislative process, analyze proposed legislation affecting consumers and the Department, and serve as the liaisons between the agency and members of the legislature.


Legislation of Interest
2016 Opiate Mid-Biennium Review
SB 319, sponsored by Sen. John Eklund (R-Munson Township), is aimed at curbing prescription drug abuse and other opiate addiction in Ohio. It passed the General Assembly on Dec. 8, 2016.

Capital Appropriations Budget
The FY 17-18 capital budget makes appropriations for the renovation, reconstruction and construction of capital assets of state agencies, colleges, universities and school districts. It also funds grants and loans to local governments for infrastructure projects.

HB 4, sponsored by Rep. Sprague and Rep. Rezabek, expanded access to naloxone, a prescription drug that reverses the breathing suppression effects that opioid overdoses have on the brain.

Suicide Prevention
HB 28, sponsored by Rep. Anielski, is aimed at preventing suicides among college and university students. Visit

Live Coverage of State Government
Ohio Senate and House of Representatives sessions streamed by Ohio Government Telecommunications.

Ohio General Assembly
Full text of legislation, committee schedules and legislator information.

Ohio's Revised Code
Codified law of the state.

Ohio's Administrative Code
Rules, policies and standards adopted by state agencies.

Ohio Office of Budget and Management

Governor's Office of Health Transformation

Federal Mental Health Parity Law